I Adore Every Bit Of You.

I adore every bit of you


When I love you… I adore every bit of you… each and every part of your soul… every dream and every heartache… when I hold your hand, I hold all your dreams and your broken soul too… let me help you with the pain and help you soothe it and calm it so we can make way for our dreams to turn into reality…. our love is not limited to here and now or just restricted to our bodies but it’s the merger of souls… where distance doesn’t matter and love is timeless and unlimited……Neena Gupta

Letting Go Someone You Love.

Letting Go Someone You Love


Letting go someone you love is taking your love to a new tangent …a new dimension. Letting go is setting someone free and waiting for them to boomerang back to you if they loved you truly. Letting go is taking the decision to stay back in the nest and watch your lover fly high in the sky. Letting go is having that hope in your heart that one day he will come back to you like all birds come back home. So let go easily because if your love is true it will surely come back to you and if it doesn’t come back then it was never meant to be and you could not have held it in your heart for long…Aarti Khurana

I Don’t Care Anymore.

I don't care anymore


I don’t care anymore what you say and I don’t care what you think and I don’t care what you feel ANYMORE… You did it ~ you have finally broken me… You have hurt me so much and lied over and over again… and now I am just cold and bitter and I would rather be alone than have you hurt me again… Karen Kostyla

I Am Ready For Love.

I am ready for love


I am ready for love to come into my life once again… it has been far too long since I got to enjoy that wonderful giddy feeling of excitement inside my spirit… just thinking of that special someone would make me weak in the knees… just seeing their face would melt my heat… just hearing their voice would make my soul feel content that this was the one… and that soft and sensitive touch would take take me out of this world…Yes, where is that one for me? I am ready… ~ Karen Kostyla

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