Soul mates Are Pieces Of The Same Puzzle.

Soul mates Are Pieces Of The Same Puzzle
Soul mates are two pieces of the same jigsaw puzzle who fit perfectly with each other to complete each other in every possible way. They are spiritually and soulfully compatible and they create a perfect relationship together no matter how broken they are. No matter how shattered they are… Aarti Khurana




Sometimes… when you’ve been fighting a battle for so long and you just don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere… maybe you just need to take a step back and let things fall into place… allow it all to happen as it must and allow your mind and body to rest… then come back with a clear mind and get back to work…. Karen Kostyla


Loving Someone..

Loving someone


Loving someone never gives you the right to own them… .they have their own life and own thinking… everybody needs space in whatever relationship they are in… respect them and respect their friendships with others… remember that you can’t stop them from what they want to do…Neena Gupta

Love Will Find You One Day..

Love Will Find You One Day
Love has its own magic and its own charm and it touches every heart at least once in a lifetime. Love will surely find you one day ..but make sure you are ready when it finds you ..because if you are not you not feel it all the way into your soul…. Aarti Khurana