And I Fell In Love With Him..

And I Fell In Love With Him
When I fell in love I didn’t see how perfect he was for the world and how people praised him endlessly for his achievements.I just saw how badly he needed someone to see his imperfections and embrace them. I saw how desperately he longed for someone with whom he could share those little secrets which he had kept hidden from the rest of the world. There was part of his soul which he had not shared with anyone and in that little part I found my whole world. I fell in love with his imperfections and his perception that nobody could ever love him with all his flaws. I fell in love with him…..JUST HIM… Aarti Khurana

If You Do The Right Thing.

if you do the right thing.
Sometimes no one will know if you do the right thing… Do you want to be a person with integrity or do you want to step on others just to get ahead… If you want a clear conscious and want to be able to sleep at night, always remember even if You think you are fooling someone, God knows what’s really in your heart…. ~Karen Kostyla

I Want To Be a One Man Woman..

I want to be a one man woman



I want to be a one man woman.I am the kind of girl who believes in soul mate relationships. The kind of girl who believes in once in a lifetime kind of love. The kind of love I see in black and white movies and in all the wedding albums from back in the fifties. I want to share and spend my entire life with just one man who understands me, accepts me and loves me for everything I am. I believe in old school kind of love and I am sure there is someone special waiting for me to accept me mentally, physically and soulfully. God has planned for us to meet and fall in love. He will come in my life as my soul mate and accept me with all my love, all my passion, all my insanity, all my craziness and all my madness. He will accept me with my flaws, my imperfections, my follies, my past, my present and my future. He will take me as I am raw, uncut, vulnerable, naïve and with all my baggage. He will be the one with whom I will share all my dreams, fantasies and my secrets . He will be the one who will get all my time and attention. I will make a special place for him in my heart and keep him there till the end of time…Aarti Khurana


I Have Learned To Believe In Myself..

I have learned to believe in myself


Amazing how people will push you out of their lives and hurt you and bully you and then when you finally explode they wonder what happen here…. WELL if you push me away, I will go AND if you hurt me or abuse me, know that I will not allow you to walk all over me any more…. so do not be surprised when I walk away…. I have learned to believe in myself and I am stronger now… Karen Kostyla