I Love You..

I Love You.


I Love You… You give my life meaning and a new direction to soar… my whole world has changed because of you… my spirit has come to life, my soul has been set on fire and my heart has someone special to love. God knew that you were just what I needed to make my life complete…. ~Karen Kostyla


I Promise I Will Always Love You..

I Promise I Will Always Love You
I know I am not a perfect ideal woman like you see in the movies or the ones you read about in those love stories. I am my own story. I mess up easily and I fight for silly issues. I get jealous of the other women in your life. I am too demanding and possessive. I get mad when I miss you. I feel lonely when you don’t call or send me text messages. I behave like a kid sometimes and annoy you. I am impulsive and erratic. But I can’t fake being perfect and I can’t stop being me. But always remember that I will never play with your heart, I will give you all my love and I will stay by your side no matter what comes up in our life….I know you will have some tough days with me because of my mood swings I also know they wont last long because you are my blues buster. Darling I just want to tell you that I’m here by your side for better or worse and I will never betray you or our love…..I PROMISE!!! However long I live, I will always love you. Whatever words I say or how much ever I fight with you ..I will never give up on you…I will always love you…. Aarti Khurana

If He Loves You…

If He Loves You...
If he loves you he will treat your heart as his own and never even think of breaking it. If he loves you he will care about your feelings and he will never hurt you by bringing up your past. If he loves you he will never cheat on you physically or emotionally. If he loves you he will give you a special place in his life and in his heart. If he loves you he will never ignore you and he will give you his time and attention no matter how busy he is. If he loves you truly, deeply and madly then he will love you for a lifetime…Aarti Khurana

Live Your Life..

Live your life


Live your life and go where God leads you to go – follow your passion and dreams… travel the world touching people and encouraging and inspiring others on your journey… compliment and empower… help them to grow and become better and closer to God…. ~Karen Kostyla