The Sexiness Of A Woman..

The Sexiness Of A Woman...
Don’t find the sexiness of a woman in her looks or curves on her body. The sexiest woman is not the one with those drop dead looks and a voluptuous personality. A woman is not sexy because she has beautiful eyes or lovely hair. A woman is sexy when she stands tall despite all the mess in her life. A woman is sexy when she carries herself with dignity despite a broken heart, a wounded soul and a sad past. A woman is sexy when she brings up her child single handedly without any support. The sexiness of a woman lies in the smile on her face while she is trying to push back her tears. Find the sexiness of a woman in her beautiful compassionate heart and her spirit to survive in the world against all odds. …Aarti Khurana


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Every time You Miss me..

Every time You Miss me..


We all know that our days are numbered on this planet and that one day our souls have to go back to a place in the skies where they belong till eternity. But when I am gone I don’t want you to cry for me. I don’t want you to be sad when you can’t see my face anymore. Just promise me that every time you miss me…you will look up at the night sky and blow a kiss to the moon. And every time you look up at the sky and I will send you my love through the tiny little openings of the bright stars that light up the night sky. Just keep me in your heart and cherish the good times we spent together. My love shall remain with you forever and ever and ever… Aarti Khurana

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It’s such a sad day when you realize that you have grown apart… the cute little things that didn’t bother you so much before, now make you lose you mind… you both no longer have any time to listen anymore… it’s now only about being heard, and proving your point and showing you are “right”… guess you need to decide ~ do you want to be what you think is “right” or do you want to work on your relationship? You both once loved each other so much you couldn’t dream of being apart, so maybe there is still something to work on…. the choice is yours… Karen Kostyla

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Competition, it can be a good thing… it’s meant to make you a better version of you… but sometimes you can get so caught up in the end results that you miss out on the beauty of what you have already accomplished… sometimes you see what someone else is doing and you can’t see how far you have come… when this happens it can destroy rather than build up…. be who you are meant to be and don’t worry about someone else… get your blood flowing BUT compete with the old you and see how far you can go… Karen Kostyla

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