Knowing I Have You Beside Me ..

Knowing I have you beside me


Knowing I have you beside me is all the encouragement I need to be able to hold my head high and keep fighting when I’m lost this crazy world…. I don’t know how you do it… You just understand me… the part of me that I don’t let others see… the confused little girl, the one that is not strong enough to be on her own and needs your love and support… the one that has been hurt many times before but feels safe when you take me in your arms and hold me tight… Your love helps me to be able to face another day… ~Karen Kostyla


No Matter What Happens In My Life…

No Matter What Happens In My Life...
I will no longer be affected by drama and deceit.I will not make efforts to make random people happy.I will not allow people to take me for granted I will not allow anyone to take advantage of my vulnerability.I will survive on my own terms.I will not let memories from my past haunt me and ruin my future.I will live for myself and for my self- respect..I will never give up on my ethics and values.I will never stop believing in the power of love.I will live for me, myself and my happiness…. Aarti Khurana

Don’t Spoil Her Habits If You Intend To Leave Her

Don't Spoil Her Habits If You Intend To Leave Her


Never spoil the habits of a woman if you intend to leave her in a mess with a baggage .The worst thing a man can do to a woman is to pamper her, spoil her , make her feel special, take her on cloud nine and then start ignoring her to leave her shattered for the rest of her life. Why don’t men understand that hearts once broken cannot be put together again…Aarti Khurana


Falling In Love With You..


Falling in love with you


Falling in love with you was a dream come true… but as magical as it was, it sometimes happens that you can fall out of love just as fast, and that is what happened here. I’m not sure when it was, but I do know that YOU are the one that built the wall between us… and I am sorry I allowed let it happen… but I don’t know if we will never be back where we were before… NOW we need to decide, do we want to try to fix the mess we are in or just go our separate ways…. ~Karen Kostyla