Just Enough.

Just Enough


Thank You for all the blessings You send my way Dear God… When I put my faith in You, then You always provide just enough… enough time, enough money, enough energy, enough help to accomplish what needs to be done… Dear Lord, with You all things truly are possible… Thank You for loving me… ~Karen Kostyla

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When We Get Shattered.



Sometimes something in us just gets shattered… we get hurt so bad, that something inside of us just dies, and then we become so cold and bitter that we don’t want anything else to ever hurt us again… our feelings change so then we end up letting go of things that meant the world to us once before……Neena Gupta

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A Real Man..

A Real Man..
If he is a real man he will be honest with you and never tell lies. He will have the courage to face you and own up for his mistakes. He will have the nerves to look into your eyes and tell you the truth. He will never leave you on a cliff hanger and vanish from your life without an explanation …BECAUSE ONLY COWARDS DO THAT… Aarti Khurana

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In My Heart.

In my heart


In my heart I know it doesn’t matter what others have to say about me or what others want me to do… Because in the end the only thing I care about is what you think of me and that you love me… ~Karen Kostyla

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