I believe the best is yet to come…

I believe the best is yet to come...

I feel like today is the first day of the rest of my life. I will say goodbye to anything that is not in my best interest and I will only allow good things into my life going forward. I must say goodbye to anyone that has hurt me and I will offer a great big smile and welcome to all the new opportunities placed before me. I deserve so much better in life, good things are coming my way, and I am better and better everyday… Thank You God for pushing me to grow into who I am today, I believe the best is yet to come… ~ Karen Kostyla

The Right Guy For You

The Right Guy For You
The right guy for you is the one who prefers to cook with you rather than go to a party with his friends. The one who takes out special time from his day just to be with you. The one who prefers to watch your favorite TV show rather than his favorite match. The one who never forgets to send you a good morning text and never sleeps without wishing you good night. The one who dreams of seeing your face every morning when he opens his eyes and every night before he closes them. .The one with whom you can have baseless arguments, silly fights and endless conversations. The one who makes your soul happy with his presence in your life. The one who loves you and never judges you no matter how badly you mess up things. Be with a man who knows every little secret of yours and you still trust him with your life because deep in your heart you know that he will never ever harm you. Never let go a man if your heart feels safe with him and you want to spend the rest of your life by his side. .. Aarti Khurana

I Feel So Blessed to Have Found You

I Feel So Blessed to Have Found You....

In life we search for so long to find the one that takes our breath away, the one that loves us like no other, the one that we want to spend every moment with, the special one sent from heaven to have and to hold for ever and ever… I feel so blessed to have found you, to love you and to know a love like ours… ~ Karen Kostyla

Whatever happens happens for the best

Whatever happens, happens for the best

Whatever happens, happens for the best…. whatever we get in our lives, is what really is meant for us… but even then, we keep chasing all our life and our desires never end ~ it may be LOVE, MONEY, POWER OR ANYTHING ELSE… sometimes in search of love we chase people who are not even made for us… because if they have been, then they would have been with us but yet we keep chasing them and keep running after them, even when they don’t love us back…. and we forget what we deserve we will get if it is meant for us… God will give us everything that belongs to us… but only in His time… and if we are not getting what we keep chasing then it is never meant for us….. change your plans and move on…..Neena Gupta