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I Cannot Promise You A Smooth Life..

  I cannot promise you a smooth life or days without struggle but I promise to be your shelter from the storm. I cannot promise that we will never fight but I promise to work with you to resolve our

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There Was Never A Definition For A Perfect Relationship.

  There was never a definition for a perfect relationship. We all have to make compromises in order to make our relationships perfect. You have to give up your ego and stubbornness in order to strengthen your bond with your

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The Key is in YOUR Hand Sweet One..

    The Key is in YOUR Hand Sweet One ~ Keep Looking and Keep Searching and then out of No Where You will Find what You have been Looking for ~ the Perfect Fit ~ Where You are Meant

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Take Some Time For You..

  Take some time for you and get a new perspective on life… Let yourself relax and enjoy every moment as it comes your way ~♥~

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