If You Don’t Tell Me…

If you don't tell me ..


If you don’t tell me what you are thinking, I might think everything is OK or I may beat myself up with all kinds of crazy ideas… SO please don’t just sit there and judge me and be angry with me… Let’s talk it out and make things right again. Karen Kostyla

I Wish To Make A Promise..

I wish to make a promise ..


I wish to make a promise to you MY BELOVED SOUL MATE. I will never attempt to mold you or change anything about you. I will support you in all endeavors of our lives together without judging you . Your dreams will be my dreams and your passions will be my passions. I will stand by you holding your hand firmly through good and bad times. I will share all my secret desires and intimate feelings with you. In return I want you to promise to be my soul mate in this life and every other life… If I am born again….Aarti Khurana

Let’s Toast To An Amazing New Year..

Let's toast to an amazing New Year..


Let’s toast to an amazing New Year, full of so many possibilities. May this new year be the Best one yet… Filled with Love and Laughter and Life’s most Beautiful memories… Blessings to you all. LifeLoveQuotesAndSayings.com

I Wish To Change The Way..

I wish to change the way..


I wish to change the way people think about love. It’s not about losing yourself to the one you love but to make each other feel utterly special. It’s not about being inseparable but it’s about being true and honest to each other even when you are apart. It’s not about how happy you feel when you are together but its about how awakened you feel when your souls are united in a timeless bond…. Aarti Khurana