Sometimes I Just Want A Hug…

Sometimes I just want a hug..


Sometimes I just want a hug. Sometimes I want to feel wanted, I want affection. Sometimes I just want to hear your voice and know that you care… Amanda Day

What Are You Afraid Of..

What are you afraid of..


What are you afraid of? What’s stopping you? What’s holding you back? You have nothing to fear because God is always with you. It’s your time to spread your wings and fly. Let the world know who you truly are. Unravel the mysteries and wonders of you to the universe It’s always hard to take the first step. But, always remember while you take your first step, God and your angles are right next to you holding your hand so that your journey is not difficult. So, don’t hold back. Have faith.. Abira Mukherjee 

Lord, I Don’t Understand..

Lord, I don't understand ..


Lord, I don’t understand how I can feel so blessed and so happy but still feel so alone… I am around millions of people but still missing the one you have sent for me… Please help me open my eyes to change what I must and Lord, please bring mesomeone to love that I can hold in my arms each and every day. ~Karen Kostyla

Energy Flows..

Energy flows ..


Energy flows where we put our focus on. Sometimes, we do the mistake of inviting people into our lives that hurt us by thinking about the hurt they gave us or by talking about them. But, what we don’t realize is that by doing that we are allowing our energy to focus on them move and hence we will attract them again into our life. Hence, it becomes a never ending loop. So, it’s always good to not think or discuss about those people or energy that don’t serve us anymore. Only then you can truly move on in your life. You need to energetically disconnect them from their life, only then your mind can be free from their tyranny. Love and light to all ~Abira Mukherjee ♥