Love Me At Every Stage Of My Life..

Love Me At Every Stage Of My Life..


Oh! My beloved will you still love to play with the locks of my hair when I have those countless streaks of grey? Will you caress my cheeks when the blush of youth is no longer visible? Would you still want to run your fingers on my body when my body is wrinkled and dry? Will you kiss my lips with utmost passion when they no are no longer pink and moist? I just want you to know that I want to cherish your undaunted love at every stage of my life and keep the flame of divine love burning in my heart and soul till eternity. All I want you to know is that my immortal soul wants to unite with your soul in a timeless bond. I want to treasure our pure and heavenly love to take it with my soul when it leaves my body to go beyond the horizon into another unknown world… Aarti Khurana

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