When Life Gets Too Hard..

When life gets too hard


When life gets too hard on you, just try to remember that this is just a journey and we are here only to learn through our experiences. So, try to detatch from any hard feelings towards anyone or any situation and if anything upsets you, then just take a few deep breaths and remind yourself to stay in a place of peace because nothing is more precious that your inner peace. Don’t let anything or anyone take that away from you. Life is much more than who did what or who said what to us. It’s about how we can help each other and love each other so this can be a better place to live. Time is so valuable here on earth and we can do so much for each other if we don’t waste time on immaterial things that don’t matter or shouldn’t matter to us in a negative way. Love should be the only reason why we exist and do anything. Love and light to all. ~ Abira Mukherjee