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My Weakness.

  You make me angry about so many things…. we can argue over the stupidest things…. but then….. you are the only one I want to come back to… the one I want to be with….. One look from you

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It Hurts When..

  It hurts when you are not here for me, and it hurts that you have been so cold, it feels like you don’t love me any more… But it really doesn’t make sense to tell you when you hurt

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Love Is…

Love is when sunsets are not beautiful without him and mornings are not bright if you don’t wake up in his arms. Love is when your coffee is tasteless because you are drinking alone. Love is arguments and endless cuddles

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Survival Story.

Don’t judge the strength of a woman while she is a victim of physical, mental or emotional abuse because her strength is in the way she endures the pain , her strength is in the way she carries her scars

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