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If He Loves Every Bit Of You.

Never give up on a man with whom you can completely be yourself. True, honest, transparent and real. Someone from whom you don’t have to hide anything just because of the thought of being embarrassed. Someone with whom you can share your most embarrassing stories and your worst decisions without the fear of being laughed upon. Someone from whom you are not ashamed to hide your morning face or the scars from your past. Someone for whom you don’t have to make any extra efforts to look good. Someone who loves to sit up all night to chat with you and who lovingly and patiently listens to your dreams and fantasies. If you can shed your inhibitions and narrate your whole life to a man it means he is definitely worth spending your entire life with. If you have a man in your life who craves for you not just for physical intimacy but for emotional, soulful and spiritual intimacy and who loves every nook and corner of your mind, your body, your heart and your soul… HE IS A KEEPER…Aarti Khurana

Everybody Has A Secret.

Everybody has a secret


Everybody has a secret or a moment from their past that they never want to share with anyone, not even to the one they love… that doesn’t mean they are cheating, it simply means they don’t want to hurt anyone and they want to keep it to themselves as it were a precious treasure, to cherish it alone, and to keep it as a secret memory… the magic might vanish if it were shared… sometimes some things are better kept inside the heart!!…Neena Gupta

I Miss Who I Used To Be..

I miss who I used to be,


I can’t believe that I ever allowed you to hurt me the way that you did… what was I thinking? it was just a short time with you and it has changed the way I now see the world… I want my life back, I want my heart back, I want my innocence back… I miss who I used to be, my heart was full of hope and I found beauty everywhere I looked but that was a life time ago… that was long before I met you… Karen Kostyla

It’s Strange When You Say..

its strange
It’s strange when you say that I have changed… I am different from what you knew… but I don’t know what it is that is different in me now… I have just given up on my expectations and my dreams of you and I have now started living for myself and my own dreams now…. I understand now that I can’t change you, even when I have given up my everything for you… I can’t make you mine completely, and I have given up my desire of having you as the best and the most loving man… I don’t want to give up my whole life waiting for you when it seems impossible… I loved you from my soul and expected ONLY LOVE in return and if you can’t do that then you don’t deserve my love anymore… I am happy alone and have now decided to destiny pave my path… If you want to be mine, if it’s destined for us, WE will become one….. BUT I don’t want to try anymore for this relationship when it’s only me working for it…….Neena Gupta


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