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Magical Moment.

  I didn’t see it coming but that magical moment when I really saw who you are for the first time… I saw what you were made of, and it was beyond my control… I fell for you… thinking of

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Truly Live Again.

  I had given up… I didn’t think I needed anyone in my life any more… I had been hurt, broken and left alone… my spirit was crushed but yet I still was holding on to God to cure my

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I Love You.

  It takes only a few seconds to say “I LOVE YOU” to some one, but it takes a whole life time to prove the real meaning of these three words…. Love is a feeling that changes you into some

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My Heart.

I have a baby heart and all I want is you ….I want you when it rains, I want you when it snows, I want you when there is a storm outside I want you when it’s all calm outside.

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