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  Competition, it can be a good thing… it’s meant to make you a better version of you… but sometimes you can get so caught up in the end results that you miss out on the beauty of what you

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There Are Some People..

  There are some people you just can’t have in your life the way that you want them… you can think about them all you want and dream about them all day too but you just can’t have them…. they’re

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I Am Done..

I am done with crying. I am done with trying. I am not tired of loving you but I am tired of trying to make you love me back.I am tired of these long chases which lead me to nowhere.

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You Are My God Send Blessing.

  YOU ARE MY GOD SEND BLESSING… you came to me when I was surrounded by darkness, and you were like a ray of light into my life…. you enlighten everything when you hold my hand… when you touch my

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