When She Is Angry..

When She Is Angry..


When a woman is angry with you for telling lies then the easiest way to calm her down is to hold her hands firmly , look straight into and eyes and talk to her. Just be honest and tell her the complete truth. And when you are done talking just hug her tightly… Aarti Khurana


A Perfect Relationship..

A perfect relationship


A perfect relationship starts when there is no need to compromise, you just fit together like two pieces of a puzzle….Neena Gupta

He Is A Keeper..

He Is A Keeper


If he is still crazy about you and loves you from the deepest pit of his heart after seeing you at your messiest best, after facing your weirdest and most erratic behavior, after hearing your stupidest jokes, after coping up your mood swings and your childish tantrums, after bearing your random things and your immaturity and says sorry even if he’s not at fault then he is the best thing that has ever happened to you. He is the one who will love you till the end of time. Never let him go because he is definitely a keeper.. Aarti Khurana


Yes You Did Hurt Me..

Yes you did hurt me


Yes you did hurt me… guess I was a fool for believing in you… You showed me what was in your heart and I thought you would change… But I was just a fool once again for trusting you with my heart… ~Karen Kostyla