I Don’t Have Time for Your Behavior Any More…

I Don't Have Time for Your Behavior Any More...
I do not need anyone in my life that cuts me down, lies to me, hurts me and abuses me… I am so much better than that… God made me to be amazing and amazing I shall be…. it is time for me to be strong and to stand up for me… So if you don’t hear from me, I’m not hiding from you or forgetting to call…. I am protecting my heart and expanding my soul and I don’t have time for your behavior any more… ~Karen Kostyla

Where Is That Man I Always Dreamed OF.



WHERE IS THAT MAN I ALWAYS DREAMED OF…. the one that would love me, stand by me and support me…. he would be my best friend and lover… he would help me be a better me…. he would share his dreams and I’d share mine then together we could change the world…. I thought I saw you once but the time was just not right, then I thought I met you but I was wrong… I know there is someone made just for me and my heart is open and ready for you… Come to me now.~Karen Kostyla

Every Love Story Is Not A Fairy Tale.

Every Love Story Is Not A Fairy Tale
Love stories in reality are not like the ones in fairy tales or movies. No matter how much we talk about love and no matter how much we have fun dating, going for dinners and going for holidays… in the end you just need that one person in your life who is utterly honest and loyal to the relationship and makes efforts to strengthen it. Some one who gives you his time and attention. Someone who is by your side when you need him the most. Someone who can stand by you and hold on to you firmly when life gets tough. Someone whom you can trust blindly when the world goes crazy around you. It zeroes down to having someone who respects you and loves you just the way you are and is proud to have you in his life and vice versa … Aarti Khurana

Love Is Not About Being Sweet All The Time.




Love is not about being sweet all the time… you get angry… you may shout at each other… you may say the wrong things at times that can hurt… but even with all of this, you stay together and never think of leaving each other. That’s real love… just a smile on your face can make them feel better… so many small things that make two people live together as one….. love is forgetting our own differences for the sake of family… Love is making it all work out OK … Neena Gupta