In Life You’re Gonna Get Hurt.

Many times in life you're gonna get hurt..


Many times in life you’re gonna get hurt… sometimes it will be the ones you trust most and it can hurt you like you’d never believe it could ever be possible…. and then sometimes when you finally think you’re gonna be OK, life throws you yet another crazy twist of fate and you get hurt once again, leaving you broken and alone… but you can’t stay that way… you have got to live…. and to be able to live this life that you’ve been given, you need to open your heart and let others back in… try to soften your heat and let others love you once again…. ~Karen Kostyla


Every Person Take Things Differently..

Every person take things differently..


Every person take things differently… its not necessary that something that may hurt one person is equally painful for another… maybe something that is very normal to you can come across as something astonishing for someone else…. life is different for different people… different cultures… different families… different friends… life is not the same and you may never truly understand, but you can be compassionate and try to understand… just show you love and that you care…..~~ Neena Gupta

Long Distance Love ..

Long Distance Love ..
You can cherish love in a beautiful way even if your lover is far away from you because long distance love relationships are one of the best relationships. They teach you how to trust blindly and how to have a strong faith in your relationship. They teach you how to wait patiently for your beloved and value each others presence more than ever before.They make you habitual of giving space to each other. You learn to cherish the moments of togetherness to the fullest because you have longed for them. Your heart grows fonder and fonder for your lover with each passing day and you start connecting to each other in a beautiful bond of love and passion. Slowly and slowly you connect spiritually, soulfully and telepathically with your lover and your bond becomes stronger and stronger.Long distance relationships make you emotionally stronger, more tolerant, more persistent , relentless and dedicated .AND when you finally meet each other you are more passionate than ever before. ..Aarti Khurana


When You Are Feeling Lost And Confused.

 When you are feeling lost and confused


When you are feeling lost and confused just take a moment to calm your soul and then follow the way of the truth and the light and God will lead your life. ~Karen Kostyla