I Believe Love And Respect..

I believe Love and Respect


I believe Love and Respect go together hand and hand… and you tell me you love me but I don’t think you mean it… you don’t act like respect me anymore… you don’t value me… you don’t value my opinions… there even was a day when you honored me as your queen, but those days are gone… you would send me messages to show your love but now you never have the time… we have broken apart and we have lost that fire… and now I’m just someone that you used to know… You might say you still love me but without respect, we will never have what it takes to hold on until the end of time… and I don’t know if we can build on what we have lost…. ~Karen Kostyla

Whenever I Miss You..

Whenever I miss you


Whenever I miss you and feel like as if I have lost you, something strange happens… you suddenly appears and makes me melt in your arms…. you fill me with your love… your voice echoes in my mind… and the scent of you surrounds me…. all my worries fade away when we are together…. I have faith that you will never leave me alone, and you will always be with me… I believe whether I can see you or not, you are always there for me…. to catch me… to hold me.. and to be my strength… I love you honey. ……..Neena Gupta

Just Hold My Hand And Walk With me…



I know you are lonely and shattered and you have lost your faith in love. But no matter what you have gone through I can’t see tears in your eyes. Just Keep your head on my shoulder, close your eyes and forget every single pain you are going through. Just feel the aura of my love which has created a strong magnetic field around you. Now no pain or sorrow can even come close to you. I w ill help you find your peace in this chaotic world. I will love you with all your broken pieces and pour my love through the cracks of your heart and soul and heal all your wounds and scars. I will hold your hands and hug you when you feel lonely. I will listen to all your problems and help you to overcome your fears. I will leave no stone unturned to make you believe in the power of love. My love will give you the strength and courage to face the world all over again. Just hold my hand once and walk with me and I will fight the world for you. I can’t promise to make your life as magical and fascinating as a fairy tale but…I WILL MAKE YOU A BELIEVER with my pure, soulful and unconditional love… Aarti Khurana

I Feel So Blessed..

I feel so blessed


Dear Lord, Thank You for opening my heart to You… I feel so blessed to feel your spirit in my heart, and to know it is you that directs my soul… ~Karen Kostyla