Love Is When You Can’t Stay Angry For Long….




It’s when you sleep best in your lovers arms even after a fight… love is wearing his shirt and feeling him close, even when he ‘s gone away… love is giving up sleep just to be with him… love is wanting to see him happy even if it hurts you… love is standing beside each other and never letting any one come in-between all while making your bond even stronger than before……Neena Gupta


When I Follow YOU..

when I follow YOU,


Sometimes I spend so much time just sitting and just thinking about what I want and what I need and worry about how it will all come together…. God please help me take my eyes off me and trust that when I follow YOU, I will always have enough… enough to see me through, enough for another day, and enough to help others along the way…. Dear Lord, My heart is in Your hands …. Karen Kostyla


I Love The Woman I Have Become..


I Love The Woman I Have Become


My heart has been broken, shattered and played with. I have been emotionally worked up for days and days. . I have suffered heart breaks, survived broken relationships and cried over a million painful things. I have been cheated and betrayed in love and by my own friends.. I struggled and lived through some really bad and rough patches of my life. But today I have overcome all this. I was sensitive but life has made me emotionally strong. I was depressed but now I have gained back my confidence. I have been broken and shattered many times but that rebuilt me into a strong woman of substance. Finally I have made my decision to stay happy for myself. Now I know that life is not a fairy tale and I have to accept this fact with a pinch of salt. I am proud of my new version of a strong and confident woman. I am in love with the woman I am today. I am in love with the woman I have become…. Aarti Khurana

I Am Not The Same ..

I am not the same ..


I am changed after you come into my life…you let me know what real life is, what this world is all about… have made me a stronger person who can firmly stand on her two feet and face any difficulty…you let me know the meaning of real love and also letting go of things which doesn’t matter to us….your love has transformed me..a new me….which has wings to fly and a heart to fulfill all the dreams my eyes has ever seen….!!Neena Gupta