I Do Have Faith And I Believe.

I do have FAITH and I BELIEVE.


I don’t know where you are, but I will spend the rest of my days searching for you…… I have always been told there is someone special made just for me, but on the days I am feeling sad and alone, those are just empty words… But still, I do have FAITH and I BELIEVE…. So until we meet… I will keep myself busy, work on my passions, travel the world, help others along the way and be all I can be…. but I will also keep looking into the distance for the special day when YOU come into my life… ~Karen Kostyla

Feel Like You Could Be Incredible..

feel  like you could be incredible


Do you ever feel like you could be incredible, but as you reach for your dreams everything starts to fall apart. We are all beautifully made by God yet we focus on the scratches and flaws. The funny thing is that sometimes the scratches can make things even more interesting. ~Matthew Koning

From The Day I Met You..

From the day I met you,


From the day I met you, I never thought of staying away from you…. you’ll never really know what you are to me…. my day starts with thoughts of you and ends wishing I was in your arms…… when I complain to you, it is my way to have your attention and when I miss you, I sometimes argue with you… I can never think of being away from you… not even in my dreams… you are my world… and if I ever leave you, that will be the day my heart will stop beating.~~~~Neena Gupta

Stay With Me If You Really Love Me…

Stay With Me If You Really Love Me...
I don’t want you to text me all day just to please me…I want you to text me when you miss me. Don’t call me just for a formality; call me when you want to hear my voice. Don’t dedicate love songs or love poems to me just to impress me because I would be touched if you dedicate them to me if they remind you of me .Don’t keep saying “I Love You” all the time just because you are my boy friend… say it when you feel it all the way through your heart and soul. Don’t come to meet me because I keep asking you to come …come to meet me when you crave to spend time with me. Don’t make me a part of your life just because I want a committed relationship….Make me a part of your life when you really really want me in your life. Don’t stay in this relationship because of my happiness….stay because of our happiness…stay with me because of “us”…. Aarti Khurana