When You’re Far Away..

when you're far away


I believe you’re always near me, even when you’re far away… All I need to do is whisper your name and I can feel you in the breeze… I feel your touch, I feel your caress, I feel your breath against my skin… We have a crazy connection, like no other… and that connection is what helps me to have faith in you, faith in us, and faith in what will be… Karen Kostyla


Love Changes You Forever..

Love Changes You Forever
Love makes you vulnerable and susceptible to emotional paroxysm.When you love someone you give them every bit of you slowly and slowly.You share yourself bit by bit .You give them your whole complete self..you give them your heart, your soul, your mind and your body and everything else about your being..You love them from breath to breath, from thought to thought and from moment to moment. But when they leave they take your best part with them and that is your soul and they leave you breathless, thoughtless and lifeless.They just leave you shattered with all your bits and pieces but you cannot gather them and fix them back like they were fixed before and then you are a changed person.You are left so broken that you can never be the same again..NEVER…Aarti Khurana

I Will Always Love You..

I will always love you..


I never believed when people would talk about soul mates and true love before… I never had faith or trusted in these relations…. I only believe in relationships that we have made here on earth… but there was always something that my soul was searching for….. there was a void… and then one day I saw you AND something just clicked… as if I had known you for many decades, even much before our life here on earth. I felt as if my soul was searching for ONLY you….. And now it’s search is over…. my soul has found what it was looking for… it’s other half……. and now it’s complete… the void has been filled and my life is complete with you…. you are that part of my heart that I was missing…. thank you honey for waiting for me, and accepting me….. I will always love you… ALWAYS….Neena Gupta

I Love To Watch You Sleeping..

I love to watch you sleeping.


I love to watch you sleeping… I adore your sweet face… your childish expression… I want to be with you… sleep with you… love you… I want to hold you and your hands around me… I want to feel your heart beat, as mine gets synced together as one…. I found my heaven in your arms and my world in your eyes…you are my whole universe……Neena Gupta