The Biggest Stress Buster For A Woman.

The Biggest Stress Buster For A Woman


The biggest stress buster for a woman is waking up in the arms of the man she loves knowing that her heart is safe…Aarti Khurana

Don’t Let Anyone Ever Hold You Down.

Don't let anyone ever hold you down.
You were made for great things and sometimes others will try to tear you down… they will hurt you and try to defeat you too. But that’s when you need to take a step back so you can clearly see what is truly going on… Show them what you are made of and how strong you really are… Don’t let anyone ever hold you down. ~Karen Kostyla

When A Woman Loves You..

When a woman loves you,


When a woman loves you, she gives herself completely… she loves with her whole heart and soul… Don’t make her regret her decision by fighting with her over others… when there is so much love these silly fights and jealousy are common. Don’t humiliate her with things from her past, don’t hurt her with nasty words… fights can be resolved but words once spoken can not be taken back. Every bad word you say makes her lose respect… every nasty word takes you a step closer to a breakup… respect your relationships or move on…….Neena Gupta

I Don’t Want Another Goodbye..

I Don't Want Another Goodbye


Every single moment you spent with me you made a special place somewhere in my heart which no one can replace.Finally I know how two souls fall in love and connect so beautifully. I have found the one my heart desired and the one my weary soul longed for. Now no matter where you go I’ll carry you in my heart with me forever. Promise me that you will stay with me and love me to the core. Stay with me till the end of time because I don’t want another GOODBYE in this lifetime… Aarti Khurana