Always Remember..

Always Remember!


Long lasting relationships are not just based on fulfilling each other’s physical and sexual needs. They are also based on fulfilling each other’s soulful and emotional needs… Aarti Khurana

Marrying A Woman..

Marrying a woman
Marrying a woman doesn’t mean she is your property…. treat her with respect…. make her your queen… love her and honor her and give her a reason to treat you the same…. Neena Gupta

I Just Want To Feel Loved…

I Just Want To Feel Loved...
I don’t want flowers, dinner dates or expensive gifts. I don’t want you to keep flattering me or praising me for my looks. I don’t even want you to appreciate me for anything that I do for you. I don’t want you to go out of your way to please me or even try to make me happy. I only crave for your time and attention. I want you to hold my hands when I am tired and sit with me for a while. I just want you to give me a hug before you go to work and kiss me on my forehead before you go to sleep. I want you to stay with me when I am sad, keep my head in your lap when I cry and just hold on to me when I have my mood swings. I am not asking for too much …I am just asking you to try and understand my heart..I am just asking you to feel what I feel for you….I am just asking you to make me feel loved.. Aarti Khurana

We All Look For Perfection..




We all look for perfection in the person that we love, without realizing no one is perfect… not even we ourselves. Every person has some flaws and weaknesses…. the thing we need in a relationship to make it perfect for us is compatibility and respect…. this understanding is needed to take a relationship longer and make it more fun… Perfection is when two people live together giving enough space to the other to be him/her self…. all while respecting their decisions….Neena Gupta