Perfect Partners Can Be Imperfect ..

Perfect Partners Can Be Imperfect
A perfect partner is not just someone who looks good when he walks with you or stands next to you or someone who just looks good with you in your wedding album or in your selfies. I think a perfect partner is the one with whom you can share all your secrets and your dreams and fantasies without any hesitation. Someone with whom who can shed your inhibitions and overcome your fears .Someone with whom you can be completely stupid and crazy. Someone with whom you can enjoy silly jokes, cartoon movies and pillow fights. Someone with whom you can make marshmallows, bake cookies, burn cookies and then eat the burnt cookies too. Someone with whom you can sit under the sky and wait to make wishes on a shooting star. Someone with whom you can share your tears and your laughter and someone who can turn your frowns into smiles in a jiffy. Someone with whom you can fight and then kiss and make up before going to bed. Someone who is by your side during your ups and downs and never forgets to hold your hand during your good and bad days. A perfect partner is the one who would never give up on you and who can be your best buddy and your best friend forever. A perfect partner is the one with whom you can be completely “YOU”… Aarti Khurana


Life Gives Us Chances Every Minute..




Life gives us chances every minute every day to become a winner. It’s up to us… how we see it.. and how we take it… those who are strong, fight and come out winners everyday, making everyday of their life a new day… and those who give up easy, lose their battle before it’s even started. God is always on our side and He wants us to keep fighting and to never give up…..!Neena Gupta

Love Is A Feeling Of Emotional And Spiritual Intimacy…




Love is the most misunderstood and clichéd term mostly mistaken for physical intimacy. You are sadly mistaken if you think love is all about dating or desiring someone physically and sexually. Love is not just about having someone whom you can label as your boyfriend or your girlfriend. It is not about having sex with someone to fulfill your sexual desires and fantasies. Love is a strong feeling that captures your heart, mind and soul and makes you crave for someone’s presence in every moment of your life. Love is when see your world in someone’s eyes. Love is when you find your peace in someone’s arms. It is when you feel that you can connect with someone physically, emotionally, mentally and soulfully all at the same time. Love is when you take care about the feelings, the emotions and the emotional needs of the one you love. It is when you are madly, crazily and insanely in love with every nook and corner of someone’s body, mind, heart and soul all at the same time. Love is not just about sexual intimacy but a feeling of emotional, soulful and spiritual intimacy of two people who can feel the passion all the way through their heart and soul. .. Aarti Khurana

I Want Real Love..




There are so many things I wanna say you… so many things I wanna talk about…. but I can’t. Whenever I see you I forget everything… but there are things that keep on bothering me… I don’t wanna lose you… and I don’t want you to feel sorry for me…. I WANT REAL LOVE… ….but so many times your words don’t match your actions… I feel like a stranger who is trying to make a place in your life… I don’t want to be like that… I want you to show me your love… no matter what… Please don’t make me feel like a complete stranger that you are trying to tolerate…..Neena Gupta