Woman Is Strength All On Her Own..


A woman is strength all on her own


A woman is strength all on her own, she doesn’t need anyone to make her whole but her life does become so much better in every way when she finds that special someone who can understand her and love her truly even with all of her flaws and imperfections… someone who will wrap their arms around her and make her feel safe… someone who will help her rebuild when she is broken and will help her to reach new horizons… That special someone who understands her silence more then her words and who can make her smile even with tears in her eyes….. Neena Gupta

When He Is Head Over Heels In Love…

When He Is Head Over Heels In Love...
If a man is head over heels in love with you then you don’t need to worry about how he is going to treat you. If he craves to be with you he will definitely find time for you from his busy schedule. If he wants to hear your voice he will call you even in the middle of the night. If he misses you he will text you even if he is in an important meeting with his boss.If he loves you he will treat your heart as his own and understand you just like he understands himself. If he cares for you he will never hurt you and let you down. If he loves your soul he can read your thoughts through your eyes and you will never have to tell him anything because he will know everything just by holding you in his arms and looking into your eyes….Aarti Khurana


Stop Worrying All The Time..

Stop worrying all the time
Stop worrying all the time… relax, have fun and just let yourself fall in love… Everything is more amazing when you love like crazy… Karen Kostyla


Love Never Wants You To Give Up..

Love never wants you to give up


Love never wants you to give up on the one you want to be with all the time… the one who you have waited for all your life… don’t give up so easily…love can be very difficult to find but it’s even more difficult to keep… sometimes you have to let go of your ego and your attitude… and sometimes you have to change your way of thinking…. and if you want to stay together then sometimes you both need to promise to work together and both give in a little too…!! Neena Gupta