I Thought I Had Everything..

I thought I had everything


I thought I had everything I needed to be happy… I was very satisfied with my life… I enjoyed every moment and I accepted whatever GOD gave me… Until the day I met you… that day I realized I was missing something… I was not living my life but I was just surviving with what I had… a part of my heart was not alive… I was incomplete before you came… But now when you are with me, I am ALIVE…. I am now complete… everything that was missing… you have given to me…Neena Gupta

I Want A Forever Kind Of A Man.


I Want A Forever Kind Of A Man


I don’t want wedding vows. I don’t want promises .I don’t want commitments. But yes I do want a man who will never let me sleep with tears in my eyes. I do want a man who would care about my feelings and never hurt me, let me down or take me for granted. I do want a man who is honest with me and whom I can trust blindly. I want a man who would hold my hand and lock his fingers with mine like an eternal lock. I wish to wake up each day in the arms of a man who can give me the feeling that my heart is safe and I will never be shattered and lonely in my life again. I hope to fall in love with someone who will respect my place in his life and never cheat on me emotionally or physically. I just want a devoted and dedicated relationship. I just want lots of love and affection. I want a forever kind of a man..I want my quintessential lover…Aarti Khurana

Some Good Times And Some Bad Times.

some good times and some bad times


Everyone experiences some good times and some bad times in their life… But sometimes it takes the darkness of a storm to experience the beauty that the sun can leave behind… Thank You Lord for pushing me to be a better me… I know you don’t allow us to stay in one place forever and that you want us to continue to grow and improve ourselves… ~Karen Kostyla

I Can’t Get It Off My Mind.

I can't get it off my mind.


Whatever you say gets engraved in my heart… I can’t get it off my mind… no matter how much I try… you will never understand how much your words hurt me… how much pain they give… you will never realize for how long they will echo in my mind… you have given me unbelievable pain I would have imagined… you have shattered my trust and you have broken me……Neena Gupta