To Be Really In Love..



To be really in love,


To be really in love, we have to respect each other… we need to trust each other… A relationship without respect and trust, is just a compromise… it starts by eating your own confidence… and when we compromise for a long time it becomes poisonous… To live happily and to enjoy this beautiful life……never give up on your self respect.~~Neena Gupta

What We Should Be Doing…..


What We Should Be Doing.....


It always amazes me how much more energy it takes to avoid doing what we should be doing when we don’t want to be doing it….. because it’s so much more fun to kick back and enjoy the day while we can…. Karen Kostyla


Just Grow Old With Me..

Just Grow Old With Me..
Don’t promise me anything…just grow old with me… I want us to admire each other’s wrinkles and laugh lines. When we are old I want to sit next to you and read all the stories and love poems from my teenage diary. I want to read the morning newspaper for you when you misplace your reading glasses. I want you to paint my toes nails and make my hair when my hands are shaky. I want to see us helping each other wear our socks and trousers when we are unable to bend because of arthritis. I want us to look after each other when we are over the hill in our lives. I want you in all the summers and winters of my life. I want to spend my life just living each day with you by my side. I love you that much Hunny. I want our souls to remain braided together with the threads of eternal love … Aarti Khurana


If You Expect Others To Love You..


If you expect other


Don’t think anyone can love you more then you can love yourself… no one can understand you better than yourself…. If you expect others to love you this way, then you will be hurt in the end…. just be true to your self and let your happiness be within you and not outside depending on the crowd…. JUST BE TRUE TO YOURSELF…….Neena Gupta