Where My Journey Will Lead Me..

where my journey will lead me


Not sure where my journey will lead me, but one thing that I do know for sure is that I am so glad our paths have crossed and that God allowed us to meet… You’re the one I’ve always dreamed of meeting… My friend, my love, my life, my soul…. Karen Kostyla

Just One Special Man..

Just One Special Man
There might be million perfect men in the world. They might be loaded with perfection. They might be famous, influential or rich. But a woman doesn’t get attracted to all of them because she just wants that one special man with whom she can click instantly like a magnet. A woman gets attracted to a man when she sees her other half in him. The one who compliments her beautifully and makes her feel complete. The one who makes her feel comfortable just the way she is. The one who connects to her mentally, emotionally, soulfully .This man might have flaws and imperfections but that won’t bother her because what will matter to her is that how he makes her feel when she is with him. A woman doesn’t want a perfect man… she wants a man who can love her perfectly… Aarti Khurana

When We Are Young..

 When we are young



When we are young we start our lives all new and fresh, like an artist with a blank canvas… then as time moves on, every thing we encounter adds a touch of color… sometimes it is beautiful and full of love and other times may be dark and all alone… the laughter adds more joy and brightens up our lives…. but all the tears that have been cried, changes things yet again and help blend our colors into who we are… ~Karen Kostyla



Lying Is A Sin..

Lying is a sin


Lying is a sin, no matter how much or to whom…. whether it’s for something good or bad…. a little white lie or a big whopper…. it’s always a sin… sometimes we lie about things just because we wanna please our loved ones…. it still is equally bad…. don’t frame things just because you wanna please them or want something… always be true and upfront…. you can’t ever keep lying forever…. what is true will always come out some day……Neena Gupta