You Are Beautiful And You Are Smart..

YOU Are Beautiful and You Are Smart


YOU ARE amazing in your own way and your confidence makes you even more beautiful. Life is so much easier to live when you don’t beat yourself up every day and you can accept things as they are… & Body image starts from home… So, if you are told you’re beautiful and smart, then you grow up secure and believe it… If you have never been told this then it is your job to tell your yearning soul… YOU Are Beautiful and You Are Smart…. and You can do what ever You dream of doing… Karen Kostyla

Give Your Heart To A Man Who Understands You.




You will come across many men in your life and you will be tempted to fall in love. Don’t be lured into giving your heart to a man just because he is handsome, popular and good looking. Looks, physical attractions and sexual impulses are short lived. Give your heart to a man who knows your heart just like he knows his own and feels your pain just the way you feel it. Give you heart to a man who understands how much strength you have gathered to overcome a bad past. Give your heart to a man who understands your mind. Someone who appreciates the way you stand tall despite all the mess in your life. Give your heart to a man who touches your soul before he touches your body. He is the one who will never leave you alone and hold on to you till the end of time. Long lasting relationships are not based on sexual pleasures and physical intimacy. They are based on true love and understanding… Aarti Khurana

I Am Never Alone..





I am never alone, you are always there with me… in my thoughts, all the time… my day starts with loving you and kissing you and it ends in your arms where I found my solace… you always invade my sleep and make love to me in my dreams… I feel I’m the luckiest person alive to be loved so much by the man I have always dreamed of… I pray we will never be apart… Never……Neena Gupta

Beauty In The Smallest Things..

beauty in the smallest things.


Thank You God… I Love how you show me beauty in the smallest things…