Soul Mates Are Like Magnets.

Soul Mates Are Like Magnets.
A soul mate connection is the most inexplicable connection you will ever feel in your entire lifetime. The most fascinating thing about soul mates is that they connect like magnets and they have instant and immediate electrifying feelings of a deep connection to each other’s existence. You will meet your soul mate all of a sudden..just out of the blue and you will lose all sense of time and space and you will feel like time has suddenly stopped around you. You will hear your own heartbeats and you will have a feeling deep in your bones that you have known each other forever. You will feel like you have shared previous lives with them and that they were just a missing part of your own heart and soul which you were desperately looking for. AND then the magic in your relationship will begin when you will connect telepathically, soulfully, emotionally and spiritually with each other. You will feel awakened and alive and your life will change forever. I think when destiny decides to unite two souls in an eternal bond it makes them each other’s SOUL MATE…Aarti Khurana

I Want Back Who I Used To Be..

I want back who I used to be


I never could understand how someone could be so cold and bitter… It just wasn’t how I was made and it didn’t make any sense to me… it didn’t make any sense until my heart was broken by the one I trusted the most and it was then that I could see what the pain could do to you… all the way down to your very soul… and when you let that pain grow, it will eat you away until you are only a shell of who you used to be… But I want my heart back… I’m not gonna sit as a victim anymore… I want back who I used to be… Karen Kostyla

When We Get Old..

when we get old..


I want you to remember everything about me when we get old… I want you to hold me the way you do till the dawn of my life… when my hair is white and when I have wrinkles on my face… I want you to love me the way you do today when I am old because my love for you will always stay true…I want us to be together till the end of time…in love… the way we are today….Neena Gupta

What Is Most Important In This World..

what is most important in this world


It’s so easy to get lost in the chaos all around me and there is just so much going on, that sometimes I don’t know where to start…. Dear Lord, please help me focus on what I should be doing, and help me to not be so overwhelmed when the world starts to pull me in every direction… help me to remain calm and to keep my eyes on where I need to be, so that I can do what is most important in this world… ~Karen Kostyla