Sometimes It Is So Hard..

Sometimes it is so hard to keep it all together even when you both want it so bad, but no matter how much you love someone, sometimes it’s just not meant to be…. ~Rahul Singh

My Favorite Day Will Always Be..

My favorite day will always be


My favorite day will always be, when we first met…. I was taken by your eyes, they spoke to my soul…. I knew you were the one for me… I was giddy with excitement and you were the only thing on my mind, all day and all night… I longed to be in your arms until the end of time…. So glad you are mine. ~Karen Kostyla

And I Fell In Love With Him..

And I Fell In Love With Him
When I fell in love I didn’t see how perfect he was for the world and how people praised him endlessly for his achievements.I just saw how badly he needed someone to see his imperfections and embrace them. I saw how desperately he longed for someone with whom he could share those little secrets which he had kept hidden from the rest of the world. There was part of his soul which he had not shared with anyone and in that little part I found my whole world. I fell in love with his imperfections and his perception that nobody could ever love him with all his flaws. I fell in love with him…..JUST HIM… Aarti Khurana

If You Do The Right Thing.

if you do the right thing.
Sometimes no one will know if you do the right thing… Do you want to be a person with integrity or do you want to step on others just to get ahead… If you want a clear conscious and want to be able to sleep at night, always remember even if You think you are fooling someone, God knows what’s really in your heart…. ~Karen Kostyla