You Are My Reason To Breathe…

You Are My Reason To Breathe...


I have had a lonely and cold life and I felt like I had lost my way home but then in the middle of all the mess in my life I found you…You mesmerized me….bewitched me and cast a spell on me. When you hold me you make me melt in your arms and I feel like I am back home. Your love sets my soul on fire and I love what I am when I am with you. When you hold my hands it feels like I am holding the world in my hands. When you kiss my eyes I feel I have seen heaven with closed eyes. You are the best part of who and what I am. You are my reason to wake up each day…my reason to live…my reason to breathe… Aarti Khurana


You’re Not Who You Used To Be.

You're not who you used to be.


You’re not who you used to be… you did it… you learned something from your past…. you took your pain and made it something new… you pulled yourself together and got back up and now you will find a new way… hold your head up high and move on with your life…. move on and do the things you only dreamed of doing before… Karen Kostyla

When You Just Give Up..

when you just give up


There comes a time when you get done with all the drama in your life…when you just give up and don’t want to argue or fight over things…when you just leave everything in his hands…without any thoughts …..!! Neena Gupta


I Would Rather Tell You The Truth..

I would rather tell you the truth


I would rather tell you the truth and have you angry with me than lie to you and have you think it’s all OK! ~Karen Kostyla