Wonderful Things Coming My Way..

wonderful things coming my way.


It’s so freeing now that I know it is all done…. and for the first time, I just don’t care any more…. I am not going to let this destroy me, all my tears have been cried and I am finished… for this I thank you… I have faith that my heart will heal and my soul will survive… I will move on to some where new… I believe there are so many wonderful things coming my way… Karen Kostyla

You Are My Dream Come True…

You Are My Dream Come True...


And then in the midst of all the chaos that surrounded me I found you…MY SOUL MATE….THE OTHER HALF OF ME. When I met you, It was like a dream come true and that one beautiful moment changed my life forever. All my fears came to a standstill. All my inhibitions shed effortlessly. All the darkness that surrounded me just vanished into thin air. You calmed and silenced my demons when I found all my answers in you. You healed my soul with your love and I felt pure invincible love for you oozing out of the cracks of my broken and shattered heart. I rediscovered myself after I loved you and felt your soul merging and entwining with my soul. It was a feeling like I was lost in wilderness and then I found my way back home. You’re everything that I was looking for in this life. Your love has put life back into my heart and soul..I WANT TO HOLD YOU IN MY ARMS FOR FOREVER… Aarti Khurana

If You Are Hurt Or Broken..

If you are hurt or broken


If you are hurt or broken, don’t think of giving up… life sometimes gives a second chance… and when it happens, it’s up to us.. to take it or not. Don’t be afraid of falling in love again… if some one hurts you or breaks your heart once, then maybe that someone was not made for you…your prince charming is still out there somewhere and waiting for you….. its never too late to be happy and to grab the good things coming your way… just keep your eyes and heart wide open, and welcome love and happiness in… whatever way it comes…..Neena Gupta

Don’t Flatter A Woman To Make Her Happy.

Don't Flatter A Woman To Make Her Happy
You don’t need to flatter a woman to make her happy you just need to give her your time and attention. If a woman is in love with you she won’t find happiness in parties, discos, gifts and expensive things. She will find her happy moments in small gestures of love. She will find her happiness in the time you spend exclusively with her. She will feel happy to stay connected to you and share her little secrets and dreams with you. You can make her happy by just dedicating her your favorite love song. You can make her feel special by writing her a love letter and expressing your special feelings for her. You can make her feel loved by cooking for her when she is tired. You can make her melt in your arms with your surprise hugs and kisses. You can make her swoon by admiring her for her personality and appreciating those little gestures of love she shows towards you. It is simple and easy to make a woman smile and I think every man can do this if he is willing to. Just give her your TIME , ATTENTION AND LOVE and she will love you back in a million unspeakable and unimaginable ways… Aarti Khurana