Every Woman Needs A Man Whom She Can Trust..


Every Woman Needs A Man Whom She Can Trust


Every woman needs emotional safety and security in her relationship with the man she loves .She needs a man who can keep her heart safe .If a woman loves a man from the depths of her heart she can deal with all his bad habits. A woman can deal with a man who can’t keep his room clean or who cant keep his shoes in place but she cant deal with a man who cant keep his heart in one place.She can even deal with his laziness and his laid back attitude but she cant cope with his flirtatious behavior. If he can’t earn money to support her she can even go out and work to support him financially but she cant support his extra marital affairs. She just can’t cope up with emotional and physical cheating. Every woman needs a man with a strong character whom she can admire for the rest of her life and be proud of choosing and having such a man in her life…..Aarti Khurana

My Mistakes Made Me Who I Am Today.




My mistakes made me who I am today… they made me wiser and gave me insight to know and judge… they taught me to know more about how people can manipulate others just for their own benefit…. and they taught me to think twice before making friends and before confiding things… my mistakes changed me but they made me stronger…….Neena Gupta

To Be Really In Love..



To be really in love,


To be really in love, we have to respect each other… we need to trust each other… A relationship without respect and trust, is just a compromise… it starts by eating your own confidence… and when we compromise for a long time it becomes poisonous… To live happily and to enjoy this beautiful life……never give up on your self respect.~~Neena Gupta

What We Should Be Doing…..


What We Should Be Doing.....


It always amazes me how much more energy it takes to avoid doing what we should be doing when we don’t want to be doing it….. because it’s so much more fun to kick back and enjoy the day while we can…. Karen Kostyla