I Hand It Back To You God…

I Hand It Back to You God...
Dear God, You have made me so much stronger than I could ever imagine being… But I know I am also very stubborn too… Please help me to step back from ME, so I can see YOU clearly and allow You to guide me… I hand it all back to You God… the good and the bad, the ugly and the confusion too… Amen ~ Karen Kostyla

Cherish A Woman Who Loves You..

Cherish A Woman Who Loves You
A woman’s heart has an ocean full of love but she just needs the right man to explore it. If she loves a man she will fill his life with her love and affection and still never get exhausted of loving and caring for him. She will never give up on you if she is loved and respected. But she will surely get tired of is waiting cheating, lies and dishonesty. So be honest in your relationship and cherish a woman who loves you otherwise she might not stay in your life forever… Aarti Khurana

When Life Hurls Problems At You..

When life hurls problems at you


When life hurls problems at you, to give up is easy… But real strength, doesn’t come in giving up… You must face the hurdles, and have faith, as the only constant in this world is changing times. ~Neena Gupta

Your Heart Has Always Been Open..

Your heart has always been open
Your heart has always been open and giving, and still it was left abandoned and all alone… Time has left your body all weathered and worn… But yet your spirit has remained strong and sweet… and you are still full of faith and with the belief that love will still find a way some day… Keep Believing! ~Karen Kostyla