I Am An Independent Woman..

I Am An Independent Woman
 I am an independent woman. I don’t need to fit into any typical gender stereotypes or standards set by the society because I have my own unique personality and I am unapologetic about who I am or how I conduct myself. I don’t follow a book of do’s and don’ts because I am free spirited and I follow the instructions of my heart. I am not jealous of anyone because I am confident about my own capabilities and I am capable of holding my own intellectual, physical, and mental strength with pride. I will never allow random people to victimize me or manipulate because I am a born fighter and I know how to fight back. I am a hard worker and I believe in giving my best shot to everything I do. I am an achiever and I believe that there is nothing in this world which I cannot accomplish. No matter what challenges I have to face in life I will never give up till I succeed because I am capable of fighting my own battles. I know what I want, I know what I need, I know what I want for my future and I am proud to say that I can stand tall and survive in this so called “Man’s World” on my own terms.. Aarti Khurana


I Once Loved You….

I Once Loved You....


I once loved you so much… you were my best friend, my lover, my soul-mate, my everything… but then you were not there anymore… you were not there to catch me when I fell… But while I was falling, I cried out to you… and you still did not come… and before I knew it, I had fallen out of love… out of love with you… ~Karen Kostyla


I Think I’m A Fool..

I think I'm a fool


I think I’m a fool who has given you more importance then you deserve…I waited for you more then I should have… but not any more. Now I will not let myself trust your lies… I will not wait for anything impossible to happen… I will not let you play with my feelings… if you really want me to be with you, and if you really love me, then make me feel important and loved. Miss me the way I miss you… show me you love me and that you are not pretending…..Neena Gupta

Love Has No Language..

Love Has No Language


Love doesn’t need to be expressed through words, sentences , phrases or any language because lovers understand each other with their looks , their smiles, their minds, their hearts and with their souls…Aarti Khurana