Love Is Never Holding Anything Back.

Love is never holding anything back


Love is never holding anything back… love is when you are not sure what to say but want to say everything… love is when you are angry with him but yet he holds you tight in his arms…. love is when you wait for his call because you can’t sleep without hearing his voice…. love is looking into his eyes and finding your whole world… love is being happy and sad all at the same time… love is that amazing feeling that lets you believe in yourself, the one you love, in GOD and all His beautiful world….Neena Gupta

Love Is Not A Synonym Of Sex..

Love Is Not A Synonym Of Sex


To all the guys who think that love is a synonym of sex. Remember that loving a woman doesn’t mean taking her to your bed for your physical pleasures or to fulfill your sexual fantasies. Loving a woman means respecting her ethics and values. Loving a woman means honoring her desires and being her best friend. Loving a woman means supporting her and cheering her up during her not so happy days and cherishing her in every possible way. And last but not the least don’t love a woman just because you lust for her body. Try to see her inner beauty because actually loving a woman means touching her heart and soul to the core and treating her heart as if it was your own… Aarti Khurana

When The One You Love Pulls Away.

When the one you love pulls away


When the one you love pulls away, you think they need some extra space… so you give them some room and think it’s a good thing, but the BIG problem comes when that “little extra space” just keeps getting bigger and bigger until you are so far from the one you love that you don’t even recognize them any more… Karen Kostyla

Don’t Ever Use Someone’s Past Against Them.


Don’t ever use someone’s past against them


Don’t ever use someone’s past against them. You’re just reminding them of the mistakes they made back then. If you watch their facial expression carefully, then you’ll see the hurt in their eyes as they reminisce everything that happened. Never use emotion as a weapon, it strikes deeper than you can imagine.