Don’t Flirt With Me..

I am not the kind of girl whom you can flirt with and win her heart. I don’t want a man to use sugarcoated words to impress me. I don’t want someone who will sing praises of me and try to make me happy. I don’t want a man to fake anything in front of me. I just want him to love me with honesty. If I give him my heart I want to take care of it and hold it tightly as if it is his own. I want to wake up every morning in his arms with the desire to live for him as easily I want to live for myself. I want someone who would wipe my tears as if they were his own. I want someone to love me as if I was part of his mind body and soul and there is nothing that can come in between. I want a man to love me enough to share himself completely with me for an entire lifetime…. Aarti Khurana

The Beauty Of Your Soul..

The beauty of your soul


The beauty of your soul is what attracted me to your amazing spirit… Your kindness and compassion is what keeps me drawn to you… I have no control, You are in my heart forever… ~Karen Kostyla


Different Kind Of Love..




You can feel a different kind of love for many people at the same… some you take care of, some you adore, some are friends and some you want to be with… Some take over your heart and some take over you mind… but all along love is not the same for everyone in your life…Neena Gupta

When I Met You..

When I met you
Soul Mates
When I met you it was like Deja vu
And I was instantly connected to you
My heart knew for sure
I must have known you from before,
how else could you have reached my core? 
In a life perhaps a past one
we were together…we were one
With what I felt, emotions vast,
We must have been lovers in the past. ….Aarti Khurana