Stop Begging For Attention…


Stop Begging For Attention...


Stop begging for attention if you feel neglected by your man.Don’t disturb him if he spends more time with his friends and doesn’t care about your feelings. Let him be if he has more important things in life than spending time with you . Don’t be emotionally worked up if he doesn’t text you or call you to talk to you when you are missing him. If he thinks you are worth it he will find time for you no matter how busy he is. If he loves you and misses you he will express his feelings to you. If he deserves you he will make efforts to keep you in his life. If he needs you he will stay and if he doesnt need you let him go gracefully.Period…Aarti Khurana

We May Try Hard To Hide Our Feelings

We may try hard to hide our feelings


We may try hard to hide our feelings but we can’t hide our “real” feelings for long… sooner or later these “real” feelings are seen in our actions… in our eyes… and everything we do… We may not express them in words but our eyes will always say how we feel, when we come before the ones we love…!!! Neena Gupta

You Are So Wonderful..

You are so wonderful


You are so wonderful! I needed some “food for my soul” today and YOU just made my heart smile… I needed a big hug and you sent that too… Thank you for your kind words and Thank you for being you!!!!

I Miss You..

 I Miss You


I MISS YOU. With tears in my eyes and open arms I am waiting for you. Come back in my arms my love. You are the companion of my lonely heart. You are the one who illuminates my dark nights. You are the silver lining to my dark clouds. You are my dream which I can see with my open eyes. You are the one I can’t live without. You are the one I can’t breathe without. I just want to spend my life with you. I love you more than words can explain. I am missing you and I want to hold you in my arms now and forever. I don’t know what would I do in my life if ever have to live without you. I belong to you and I want you to be my FOREVER KIND OF LOVE…Aarti Khurana