I Need You..

I need you.


I don’t love you because I need you… I love you because I care for you and I can’t live without you. I don’t fight because I get upset with things you do or I really want to… it’s because I miss you so much that I look for ways to talk. I keep a check on you, not because I have any doubts on you… But because I never want to leave you alone. I chase you everywhere you go… because I don’t want you to look for me whenever you need me…. Neena Gupta

The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants.

The heart wants what the heart wants


The heart wants what the heart wants… and when you fall in love, you only see the true beauty in your lovers heart… you feel their soul embrace with yours… and it makes you feel complete. ~Karen Kostyla 

Stress Busters…

Stress Busters...
The biggest stress busters…Out of the blue tight HUGS..Goodnight KISSES…Cuddling and Snuggling together…Surprise I LOVE YOU texts..Holding hands while watching a movie..Laughing at silly JOKES..Sweet Good Morning messages… And the most effective one is LOVE… Aarti Khurana

Life Is Not About..

Life is not about


Life is not about looking for good in people… its about being good yourself… it’s about giving happiness to everyone you meet. It’s about enjoying the goodness of life..Neena Gupta