Our Lives Continue To Change..

Our lives continue to change


Our lives continue to change with time and so do our friends and our priorities. While moving we make new friends but that doesn’t mean we forget our old friends… to change, to move with time is part of life… if we keep standing at one place then we can’t ever grow, but we are always there for our old friends all the time whenever they need us… Share with an old friend that you are forever grateful to have in your life……Neena Gupta

Everything In Life Is Bearable..

Everything in life is bearable


Everything in life is bearable when we know we have a friend that cares and understands and can relate to the problems we are facing… We are like bricks in a wall and we really need each other… sharing makes our burdens less and makes us so much stronger. ~Karen Kostyla

I Have Found My True Love..

I Have Found My True Love
I was a lost soul looking for someone to love me and understand me for who I really am. Then our paths crossed and among a million people on this planet I saw true love in your eyes. I felt like we had known each other from a past life and like no one else would have ever known us.I felt the special kind of love which happens only once in a lifetime. The kind of love which is eternal and lasts a lifetime and beyond. I feel I have loved you for ever …even in my lifetimes before. Now that I have found you again in this life I will never give up on you. I will love you till I breathe my last… Aarti Khurana

We Humans Are So Strange..

We humans are so strange


We humans are so strange… we miss the ones we love the most, but do not always admit it… we don’t show our feelings for the fear of rejection… but in out heart we want to be with them all the time… we want to be connected with them…even if it kills us inside…Neena Gupta