When You Find The One..

When you find the one


When you find the one that connects with your soul, and your love is meant to be… your spirit will feel free and sing a sweet song that will encourage you and make you strong… the right one in your life will make you proud of who you are and who you have become… and nothing will tear you apart… ~Karen Kostyla

Every Woman Needs Love..




All said and done….All a woman needs in life is a man who loves her and shows how much he loves her. So if she’s important to you, show her how important she is. If she is special to you , show her how special she is . If you tell her that you cannot live without her then show her that you cannot live without her. Just give her your TIME , ATTENTION AND LOVE and she will love you back in a million beautiful ways.. Aarti Khurana

Love Is Not Just A Four Letter Word.

Love Is Not Just A Four Letter Word
I feel love is not just a four letter word. It is hidden in his little gestures that surround me and make me feel loved .Love is when we crawl under a big blanket and tell each other our funny little stories. It is when in the middle of the night he tries to feel me with his hands between the sheets to find me sleeping next to him. Love is the feeling of waking up in his arms knowing that he is the one who is going to hold me together for an entire lifetime. I feel loved when I doze off on the couch reading a book and wake up with a blanket on me knowing that I slept without one. Love is a surprise breakfast in bed when he knows I am unwell and I need that special care. It is when he takes me to my favorite restaurants ,sits through my favorite TV shows and takes me to my kind of movies just to make me feel special. Love is to cherish beautiful moments together with your heart and soul knotted with each other for an entire lifetime… Aarti Khurana

Every Time I Leave You..




Every time I leave you, a part of me stays locked inside your heart… My breath, my heart, my soul….all belong to you… Please come back to me so I may feel complete again….!!! Neena Gupta