I Have To Move On..

I have to move on


I am done… done with all your drama… done for every chance I gave you to make things right… but not any more… I have now realized that you don’t deserve me… you don’t deserve the attention and love that I gave you… I can’t stay here any more just waiting for you to come back to me…. it hurts so much… I have to move on… leaving you with what you want…..Neena Gupta

Your Love Creates Magic Around Me.

Your Love Creates Magic Around Me
You enchanted me when you said, “I love you”. You completely swept me off my feet when you said, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you”. I was absolutely spellbound when you put that ring on my finger. My soul is now entwined and twisted with your soul. I can feel my knees buckled up when you look into my eyes. I get butterflies in my stomach when you hug me. I feel my heart sink into my stomach when you place your lips on my lips. You create magic around me just with your presence. I love you with all the madness in my soul… Aarti Khurana

I Am A Woman Of Many Emotions.

I am a woman of many emotions.
I am a woman of many emotions… I cry when I am sad and frustrated, but I cry tears of joy when my heart is over flowing with love and happiness… I am happy, joyful and full of peace but sometimes I am sad and angry and frustrated with the the crazy junk that life throws my way… I am strong and I understand that God will see me through these difficulties but sometimes I need a little help to be pulled to higher ground… Thank you for pulling me higher… ~Karen Kostyla

Flirting And Being Kind..

Flirting and being kind


Flirting and being kind is one thing and just being friends is great too, but emotional attachment is still cheating… Be careful, there is a fine line… YOU do not have to touch in real life for it to be cheating – apparently everyone does it… but it does not make it fine for me… ~Karen Kostyla