Everyone Wants To Find Love..




Everyone wants to find love, fall in love and live happily after… but not everyone will let someone love them… they make it so hard to love… and it’s so hard for them to show love too… Life is short, so share love everywhere you go… Enjoy falling in love, it really is the easy part… the hard part is staying together in this, up and down, topsy-turvy world… don’t push love away, enjoy the journey… Karen Kostyla

Fights And Arguments ..




Fights and arguments area part of life… without them life would be dull and lacking flavor… what makes them exciting, is what we feel after a fight… that urge which makes us love even more then ever before… the urge to be in his arms and hold him tight… never leave him alone… to make him the happiest man by showering love and spoiling him like a kid… A fight can work like spice in our dull life and make it more spicy and cheerful but be careful not to over do it, just like too much seasoning can destroy a meal… Fights and disagreements can destroy a relationship too…Neena Gupta.

Romancing A Woman Beautifully.

Romancing A Woman Beautifully


Romancing a woman is not about pampering her with expensive gifts, taking her out for dinners or spending money on her. It’s about letting her know that she has a very special place in your life. It’s about making her feel like the most beautiful woman you ever met. Romancing is woman is about cherishing the togetherness and capturing beautiful moments with her. Its about falling in love with the way she smiles, the way she blushes or the way she laughs at your jokes.. It’s about cherishing the way she makes her hair or the way she walks when she holds you by your arm. It’s about loving the way she sips her coffee or chews her food. It’s about running your fingers through her hair when she keeps her head on your lap. It’s about cuddling and snuggling with her while watching movies and listening to love songs together. Romancing a woman is about turning each moment spent with her into a memorable and cherished moment for an entire lifetime. It’s about giving her the time and attention she deserves. …. Aarti Khurana

So Funny..

So Funny.


So Funny…. you ask me if I’m angry or if I’m mad… NO, I’m not mad anymore… I just have nothing to say to you. I’m done. I don’t need you pulling me down and I don’t need your drama… so NO, I’m not angry… I just choose to not be part of your craziness any more. ~Karen Kostyla