Love Grows Gradually..

Love grows gradually


Love grows gradually and not all at once like the romance novels show… every time you meet you fall in love a little more… every day you are together…feelings develop a little more…. Attraction is not the same as love… love is from a deeper level, it is from your soul, it is knowing a person completely and until then you are always unsure of your true feelings……Neena Gupta

Once In A Lifetime..

Once In A Lifetime
Once in a lifetime…all of a sudden….out of the blue and like a big surprise will come across that one person who will change your life forever. He will love you just the way you are. He will love you no matter how flawed or how unattractive you maybe.He will fall madly and crazily in love with you and everything about you. He will fulfill all your physical, emotional and soulful needs.He will put life back in your soul and make you believe in the power of love. This is the time when you will get the answers to all your questions about why it didn’t click with anyone else and why you never felt like this with any other man in your live. This happens only once in a lifetime and believe me IT”S MAGICAL AND MESMERIZING…. Aarti Khurana

Love Grows When You Become One.

Love and sex go side by side… you can be physical with people you don’t love just for fun… but you can’t feel complete if you don’t become intimate with the one you love… there’s always something that you will miss out on… love grows when you become one… intimacy makes you know each other well…. Neena Gupta

There to Help Me.

There to Help Me.


Sometimes, I make some bad decisions that knock me off the path I should be on…. Sometimes I am minding my own business and out of no where something happens beyond my control…. But no matter what has happen, I know God is there to help me… to help me pull myself together and to get back up, and to help me to keep moving forward on my journey of life…. Thank You God for all you do….~Karen Kostyla