I Love You..

I love you
I love you more than I love anything in this whole world and I trust you more than I trust myself… how could I have any doubts on your intentions…???? Your love is my only treasure, my biggest asset. Please don’t ever take my silly tantrums as fights, they are my efforts to love you… I sometimes show false anger when in fact, I just miss you so much… I want to surrender myself to you, I want to spend my every moment with you… adoring you and loving you… I want to do things for you… but it’s this silly distance between us that make me mad and so I fight with you and argue over stupid things… I sometimes become jealous, and insecure, like an arrogant little kid who wants her most favorite thing now. But I really just want to be with you honey, each and every moment… every second of the day…. I want to take my every breath beside you…!!! Neena Gupta


You Are My Life.

You Are My Life...


Sometimes when I miss you I just want to run into your arms and hide myself from the world. Your arms are my solace from the maddening chaos of the world. I want to be with you every single moment of my life in this lifetime and in every lifetime if I am born again. My life is so incomplete without you. Even if I search the whole world for my entire life through and through I can never find another you. It’s so mesmerizing, enchanting and magical each time you touch me, each time you hold me in your arms, each time we snuggle, each time we cuddle and each time you look into my eyes. You make me melt with your thoughts and in your arms. We have a very special bond between us and I can feel the beautiful intimacy we share .I feel emotionally, soulfully and spiritually connected to you. You’re all I ever wanted. I want to love you more than you can ever imagine and more than you think you deserve to be loved. You live in every single thought that crosses my mind and every single beat that passes through my heart. I will never give up on you. I will never let you go… Aarti Khurana

Marriages Are Made In Heaven.

Marriages Are Made In Heaven..
Call me old fashioned but I still think marriages are made in heaven and soul mates are paired up by God’s own hands. I still believe writing love letters is the most romantic way to make your beloved feel special. I still think it’s romantic to keep flowers in books to preserve special memories. I still feel its romantic to hold hands and walk on the beach or watch the night sky together. I still feel that it is divine to wake up in the arms of the man you love from the deepest pit of your soul. I still feel that it is sexier to touch the soul of a woman than to touch her body. And I still feel that you fall in love only once in a lifetime and true lovers are not extinct, they are for real and they do exist…Aarti Khurana


God Will Whisper.

God will whisper


God will whisper His intentions into your spirit but it’s up to you to open your heart so you can hear Him and it’s up to you to decide what path to take… He loves us so much that He always watches over us, guiding us, seeing us through, and shading us from those difficult times that we encounter along our way. Some people swill take the direct path, others will get lost along the way and yet others will take the snail pace scenic route… The journey is yours to live and the lessons are yours to lean… each is a building block for the next, so don’t miss out on your experiences… Live your life! ~Karen Kostyla