Just Hold On A Little Longer…




As much as it hurts when life doesn’t go your way, just hold on a little longer…. everything will change in time…. so save those happy and beautiful moments in your heart and remember them when you are sad… and keep faith that life will change once again… Karen Kostyla

I Want Someone To Be My Strength..





I am strong modern woman and I try to stay positive but sometimes I am so tired… I want someone to be my strength… someone that who can make me feel better with a hug… the one who can be my biggest support… and can shower my soul with unselfish love and care…. I want someone who can make me feel alive and who can show me the true meaning of life even when there is darkness all around….Neena Gupta

I Have A Heart Of Gold..

I Have A Heart Of Gold..
If you are looking for a perfect girl ..I AM SORRY …THAT’S NOT ME…I don’t have a lot offer. I am not a celebrity or a model.. I don’t have a sexy curvaceous figure. I am not the best looking girl in the world. I don’t have looks to die for. I don’t have a million dollar smile. I can’t even promise to be a great girlfriend or a perfect wife. I may not always say the right things. I may not be able to make you feel proud me all the time. But I am happy the way I am, raw, unmasked and real. I don’t fake my emotions and I don’t pretend to be someone I am not.. I laugh when I want to laugh and I cry when I feel like crying. And at times I might make you feel that I am some silly, crazy, irrational and an illogical girl. But I have a heart of gold. Love me for that and I will love you back in a million unimaginable ways. .. Aarti Khurana

What Am I Missing In My Life..

I wonder what am I missing in my life


Sometimes I wonder what am I missing in my life… God has given me everything, but yet I still feel a void in my life… l feel alone and lost even when I’m in a crowd…. I don’t understand what it is that’s missing… Please God help me understand why I can’t feel happy… why I feel lonely even with others.. please help me calm my mind and help me to find happiness in what I have been blessed with….Neena Gupta