It Hurts When..

It hurts when


It hurts when you are not here for me, and it hurts that you have been so cold, it feels like you don’t love me any more… But it really doesn’t make sense to tell you when you hurt me, because it sounds like you just don’t care any more… I think if you did still care, then you would do whatever it takes to make this work again… but it looks like you have moved on and now, so must I move on too… ~Karen Kostyla

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Love Is…

Love Is...
Love is when sunsets are not beautiful without him and mornings are not bright if you don’t wake up in his arms. Love is when your coffee is tasteless because you are drinking alone. Love is arguments and endless cuddles afterwards. Love is fights and tight hugs to make up. Love is when you hate watching movies alone. Love is when you wait for him to get back home so that you can eat together and spend time together. Love is when you wait for long drives, romantic walks, watching the night sky together. Love is when growing old together seems exciting. Love is dreaming together and turning your dreams into reality by holding onto each other through every good and every bad day of your life… Aarti Khurana

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Survival Story.

Survival Story.
Don’t judge the strength of a woman while she is a victim of physical, mental or emotional abuse because her strength is in the way she endures the pain , her strength is in the way she carries her scars with pride, her strength is in her healing process , her strength is in her forgiveness. You can see the strength of a woman when she is a survivor because her real strength is in her survival story. And that is when she is the strongest … Aarti Khurana

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I Need To Forget


Sometimes I need to forget what I see and go with what I feel… Dear God, help me to follow my heart and let You lead the way… ~Karen Kostyla

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