I Deserve Respect..

I Deserve Respect
I deserve respect… when you respect me, then I will respect you in return… if you can not or will not respect me, then do not bother with me at all… go find someone else to abuse…. I am not here for you any more…. Karen Kostyla

I Refuse To Be A Victim Of Unrequited Love.

I Refuse To Be A Victim Of Unrequited Love
I can no longer put up with your pathetic excuses and your random out of the blue reasons for staying away from me. I have had enough and I won’t let you play with my emotions anymore. I have learned it the bitter way that I cannot force you to appreciate or value my love unless you really feel it from inside. I finally realized that I just cannot make a place for myself in your life when you are not even willing to make any efforts to keep our relationship going strong. I cannot cope up with any more stress anymore because I am tired of chasing you and I am tired of trying to hold on to you. So before I get emotionally worked up and shattered to the core I am trying to move on..I am trying to move on from your lies, your fake behavior and your broken promises. I refuse to live with this dreadful feeling of being used and dumped. I think it’s time to quit crying, wipe my tears and move on. Finally I give up on you and the love I had for you once upon a time. I refuse to end up being a victim of UNREQUITED LOVE… Aarti Khurana


Being A Mother ..

Being  A Mother


Being a mother is one of the best feelings in the world….children are a part of their mother’s heart….She gives them unconditional love..without expecting anything in return and always pray for their well being and success in life.They are not only a part of her body…but her heart…!! Neena Gupta

I Know Your Game..

I Know  Your Game


I know your game… you don’t want him but yet, you don’t want anyone else to have him either…. must be so sad there in your little world…. ~Karen Kostyla