Whatever happens happens for the best

Whatever happens, happens for the best

Whatever happens, happens for the best…. whatever we get in our lives, is what really is meant for us… but even then, we keep chasing all our life and our desires never end ~ it may be LOVE, MONEY, POWER OR ANYTHING ELSE… sometimes in search of love we chase people who are not even made for us… because if they have been, then they would have been with us but yet we keep chasing them and keep running after them, even when they don’t love us back…. and we forget what we deserve we will get if it is meant for us… God will give us everything that belongs to us… but only in His time… and if we are not getting what we keep chasing then it is never meant for us….. change your plans and move on…..Neena Gupta

The kind of man a woman desires

the kind of man a woman desires

It’s very easy to be the kind of man a woman desires… all you need to do is to be honest with her… respect her values and ethics… understand her mood swings… never let her feel alone… listen to everything she says and also what she doesn’t say too… give her enough space to be herself… don’t fight back if she fights with you for talking with other girls, it’s because she loves you too much and wont share you with anyone else… she only wants you to support her and love her all the time… she doesn’t need money to be happy… but true love and honesty is all she really wants from you… a true woman is never carried away with good looks, a big bank account and high status… what she does desire is a soulful hug from you… the kind of hug where she can forget all her pain, where she can sleep effortlessly without any thoughts of tomorrow… she knows all of her tomorrows will be as bright as her today is when you are with her… a man’s true and honest love is enough to win a woman for a lifetime and beyond….. Neena Gupta

I Am Good Enough in Gods Eyes

I Am Good Enough in Gods Eyes...

Some days, no matter how hard I try, I am just not good enough for some people… But every day, I am good enough in Gods eyes… Dear Lord, I know you made me beautiful in Your image, but I have days that it’s so hard for me to see it. Please help me keep my eyes on You when others are puling me from You and when I am feeling lost and confused… In my heart God, I know You are the only way… ~Karen Kostyla

All I Need Is Your Love

All I Need Is Your Love
You are My love, My life, My flame, My fire, My soul mate, My everything. You compliment me and complete me at the same time.. I adore you for what you are and I want you to love me just the way I am. Don’t try to change me or mold me into something I can never be. I know I am not perfect and I have many flaws. I am clumsy and sometimes I act silly. I say stupid crazy things without realizing that how much they annoy you. But I can try and become better with love and patience. I have my own fears and inhibitions but you can help me overcome all those with your love not arrogance. I am immature and many people cannot handle my idiosyncrasies and my childish behavior but I will grow up beautifully if you hold my hand and guide me with patience. I am sure you can put up with my behavior and embrace my imperfections because although I have many flaws, I am lovable and adorable. All I need is love… lots of love … all your love. Love me with all you have and I will love you to eternity and beyond.. Aarti Khurana