Make Her Feel Special.

Make Her Feel Special


All said and done …if a man says that he loves a woman then he needs to make her believe that he is genuine and not a fake and that he will not leave her heart broken and shattered. He needs to make her feel that he cares for her and she is the only woman in his life and that he not playing with her feelings. Every woman wants a man with whom she can have an honest, strong and a transparent relationship. She wants a man whom she can trust and who can make her feel special and feel loved … Aarti Khurana

When He Hugs You.

when he hugs you
Sometimes words have nothing to do with feelings… we don’t always need words to express true love… all what we feel can be transferred as our eyes speak or as we hold hands… and when he hugs you, you feel so comfortable that you never want to let go… you forget your every pain and every heartbreak… and when he kisses you, he not only touches you physically but also he touches your soul with his true love….. more than any words could ever do… Neena Gupta 

You Are Special.

YOU are special and


Sometimes you have to set boundaries, you can not always be nice to people that treat you however they feel like treating you… you have to learn to say NO even if it hurts you more than them… Loving someone should never make you compromise yourself and your-respect. If they truly love you, then they will understand how important you are and they will treat you the way you should be treated, no matter what mood they’re in…… YOU are special and you should never take yourself for granted!!……..Neena Gupta

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