Dear Lord…



Dear Lord, I beg YOU to help me find peace in my heart and soul again…. I feel so lost… I NEED YOU…. ~Karen Kostyla

When I Think Of You..




When I think of you being gone it brings tears to my eyes… tears of sadness that you are gone, but also tears of anger to see what I really meant to you… But best of all it brings tears of joy for an opportunity to start my life again… Karen Kostyla

When A Woman Is Hurt..

When a woman is hurt


When a woman is hurt, simply saying you’re sorry is not enough… you’ll never understand how deeply your words can hurt her… if you hug her and look into her eyes only then you might be able to feel her pain… but the word sorry, is only a word if not felt within….Neena Gupta

You Are The Love Of My Life..

You Are The Love Of My Life


No matter how much I fight or argue with you. No matter how many issues or conflicts we have in our relationship, I can never stay away from you. After a fight I might not talk to you for a few hours but nothing can stop me from loving you or caring for you. I can’t live a single day without you. I can’t sleep unless you take me in your arms and put me to sleep. A stroke of anger or a fight cannot shake our strong relationship or kill the beautiful feelings of love and passion which I have for you. You are the love of my life my better half and my best buddy. You are my eternal soul mate… Aarti Khurana