You Are My God Send Blessing.



YOU ARE MY GOD SEND BLESSING… you came to me when I was surrounded by darkness, and you were like a ray of light into my life…. you enlighten everything when you hold my hand… when you touch my soul, you soothe me with your love…. when you hug me, you take me to another world where there isn’t any pain and suffering…..You taught me the real meaning of life and I cherish your love every moment……Neena Gupta

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This Is The One..

This Is The One...


I was so busy and lost in my own little world that I didn’t see the real you that first day we met…. but that second time when you entered my life, my heart skipped a beat and my soul knew you were the one…. I must have needed that time in-between to grow but when I saw you that next time it was like a dawning of a new day… it wasn’t my choice and it was way beyond my control but I felt like the universe had opened and God whispered down “this is the one I made for you” ~Karen Kostyla

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Hey you..

Hey you..


Hey you… keep in mind YOU deserve someone that makes you a better version of you…. not just anyone, but that someone who can help you see God’s beauty in the world around you and enhances that beauty inside you… not just a warm body but your warm and comfy place to fall, that’s full of unconditional love and that will help empower you to get up again… a lover, a best friend, a companion to share all the blessings given from God above. You deserve the very best that life has to offer… Don’t ever forget it… ~Karen Kostyla

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Don’t Judge Me..

Don't Judge Me...
I refuse to fit into any stereo type casts. I refuse to live up to any standards set by the society .I am the kind of girl who would rather keep her problems to herself than allow people to judge her. I would rather hide my pain that let people make fun of my life. I am the kind of girl who would prefer to hide her failures than let anyone laugh at the decisions I take in my life. When I don’t poke my nose in anyone’s life than how can I allow people to poke their nose in my life and try to tell me what to do and what not to do. I am the kind of girl who has the courage face the world with a million imperfections and flaws and who has the dignity to take responsibility for her decisions. I can handle my problems and fight my battles all by myself. DON’T JUDGE ME UNLESS YOU UNDERSTAND MY PROBLEMS OR I GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO DO SO… Aarti Khurana


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