Magical Moment.



I didn’t see it coming but that magical moment when I really saw who you are for the first time… I saw what you were made of, and it was beyond my control… I fell for you… thinking of you brings a silly smile to my face and I believe you are the one for me… I eagerly await the next moment we are together and I can’t wait to see who we can be together… ~Karen Kostyla

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Truly Live Again.



I had given up… I didn’t think I needed anyone in my life any more… I had been hurt, broken and left alone… my spirit was crushed but yet I still was holding on to God to cure my spirit… and it was as I had given my all on over to God and as I was trusting only Him to see me through that my life was was set in motion… As my eyes were on God, my world around me began to change in wonderful ways… I gave up who I was and started living who I was meant to be… I opened my heart, people entered my life and I began to truly live again…. ~Karen Kostyla

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I Love You.



It takes only a few seconds to say “I LOVE YOU” to some one, but it takes a whole life time to prove the real meaning of these three words…. Love is a feeling that changes you into some one else that you never knew before… it makes you see your dreams and it gives you the strength to fulfill them too… it makes you think about the person who captures your soul and all your senses…. it takes away your power of thinking and reasoning… Love means giving your all and expecting care, attention, and respect in return… Love resonates your life and takes you to another world where life is just between YOU and HIM…..Neena Gupta

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My Heart.

My Heart
I have a baby heart and all I want is you ….I want you when it rains, I want you when it snows, I want you when there is a storm outside I want you when it’s all calm outside. I want you when the sun is out. I want you when the moon rises. I want you under the starry sky. I want you under the dark sky. I want you before sunrise, before sunset, before midnight and before noon. I want you in every hour, in every minute, in every second of the day. I want you in a million lifetimes and in a trillion different worlds. I want you in any version of reality or any version of fantasy. I want you in any shape, any form or any color. For I have loved you from the deepest pit of heart. For I have loved you from the depths of my soul. You are my paradise on earth. You are my one and only Soul mate.I can’t love anyone but you. You have captured my heart and soul. .. Aarti Khurana

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