God Will Whisper.

God will whisper


God will whisper His intentions into your spirit but it’s up to you to open your heart so you can hear Him and it’s up to you to decide what path to take… He loves us so much that He always watches over us, guiding us, seeing us through, and shading us from those difficult times that we encounter along our way. Some people swill take the direct path, others will get lost along the way and yet others will take the snail pace scenic route… The journey is yours to live and the lessons are yours to lean… each is a building block for the next, so don’t miss out on your experiences… Live your life! ~Karen Kostyla

Happy Ending.

Happy Ending
Women don’t want fairy tale romances. They just want to be loved and cherished. Every woman has a dream of being loved to the core and she wants a man in her life who can love her with all his honesty and dedication. Women don’t want perfect lovers; they want honest and trustworthy partners. They want strong relationships built on trust and faith. They want time and attention. They want to be happy with their partners. They want happy endings. A woman can spend her entire life with a man she trusts and she can do anything for a man who loves her with all his heart and soul … Aarti Khurana

Silence Is Golden.

Silence Is Golden


SILENCE IS GOLDEN, BUT TOO MUCH SILENCE CAN BE DANGEROUS… IT KILLS RELATIONSHIPS…. it leads to misunderstandings and differences…. when we don’t discuss things we end up making assumptions, and these assumptions cause more problems… Don’t let silence kill your love and don’t let it come in-between two loving hearts…. talk as much as you can…. discuss the things that need to be discussed…. don’t wait for the other person…. if something is bothering you, talk about it…. Never keep silent over about things that are troubling you, and the things you don’t want… never let go anything that is important to you….. talk, and discuss things and compromise… work together as a team, each giving and taking to make it all work… this time spent working it all out is much more important than just partying and sleeping together and never fixing what is wrong. Neena Gupta

I Want Someone..

a little girl inside.....


No matter how strong I pretend to be, I do have my weaknesses and insecurities too… I get frightened with the sound of thunderstorms on lonely nights… I get hurt when someone gets angry with me and shouts… I sometimes feel lonely and want someone to hold my hands and make me feel wanted and loved… I want someone to hug me and protect me so no one can hurt me… I want someone kiss my forehead and assure me that everything will be all right… because sometimes I can be a little girl inside….. Neena Gupta