Love Grows When You Become One.

Love and sex go side by side… you can be physical with people you don’t love just for fun… but you can’t feel complete if you don’t become intimate with the one you love… there’s always something that you will miss out on… love grows when you become one… intimacy makes you know each other well…. Neena Gupta

There to Help Me.

There to Help Me.


Sometimes, I make some bad decisions that knock me off the path I should be on…. Sometimes I am minding my own business and out of no where something happens beyond my control…. But no matter what has happen, I know God is there to help me… to help me pull myself together and to get back up, and to help me to keep moving forward on my journey of life…. Thank You God for all you do….~Karen Kostyla

I Don’t Have Time for Your Behavior Any More…

I Don't Have Time for Your Behavior Any More...
I do not need anyone in my life that cuts me down, lies to me, hurts me and abuses me… I am so much better than that… God made me to be amazing and amazing I shall be…. it is time for me to be strong and to stand up for me… So if you don’t hear from me, I’m not hiding from you or forgetting to call…. I am protecting my heart and expanding my soul and I don’t have time for your behavior any more… ~Karen Kostyla

Where Is That Man I Always Dreamed OF.



WHERE IS THAT MAN I ALWAYS DREAMED OF…. the one that would love me, stand by me and support me…. he would be my best friend and lover… he would help me be a better me…. he would share his dreams and I’d share mine then together we could change the world…. I thought I saw you once but the time was just not right, then I thought I met you but I was wrong… I know there is someone made just for me and my heart is open and ready for you… Come to me now.~Karen Kostyla