When It Was Just You And Me..

when it was just you and me


I still remember the day when we first met, when it was just you and me…All we wanted to do was SHARE…. our lives , our hopes… our dreams….. we could talk all night about everything, we had no room for anything else and for no-one else…. but as time goes by, our long talks have been limited to merely “YES”and “NO”….. now, we have to look for things to talk about… have to find reasons to spend time together….. its not anyone’s fault…. it happens, but now its time to rejuvenate our relationship… to bring it back to life… I want us to go back In time and recall all those memories that made us fall for each-other…. When we would think of new ways of showing our love…. I wish we should live that time again and bring that passion back… the way it was… when we still loved each other… no one is ever too old to fall in love again……Neena Gupta

A Relationship Doesn’t Need A Name Tag.

A Relationship Doesn't Need A Name Tag


A relationship doesn’t need a name tag or a social status to be more compatible or to have that perfect chemistry which every relationship demands. Sometimes people who give names to their relationship cannot connect to each other on an emotional , soulful and spiritual level… And then there are some relationships which have no name but they have more feelings and emotions than any other relationship. They are more compatible, they share a greater chemistry , they have more depth in their bond and a greater understanding of each others mind. They understand each others heart like they understand their own and that is the only thing that keeps their souls entwined with each other forever…Aarti Khurana

Love That Lasts A Lifetime..

love that lasts a lifetime.


I want a man who can take me to another world with his love… I want a love that lasts a lifetime… that’s eternal… I want him to take me away to a dream land and then turns it into reality… to where I sleep in his arms and then wake up with his amazing kisses… to where we both work together to make a wonderful home for our family… to where we plan our future together and work towards it too… to where there are no worries… and even when life is hard, just being together makes it so much more special…. because we can let go of worries with a smile and together make everything feel right……Neena Gupta


Love Is A Great Stress~ Buster.

Love Is A Great Stress~ Buster


Love is a great stress buster and it keeps you in a state of bliss. When you are in love you get so much energy from your lover that it keeps you in an ecstatic state of mind. Love creates an aura and a kind of powerful magnetic field around you. Your state of mind changes and you feel confident in everything you do and you find happiness in every little thing you do for your lover. Your face glows with a bright vibrant radiance that is so noticeable that you can’t hide it. A hug can warm your soul…A kiss can set your body on fire…cuddles can make you melt like a candle…holding hands can make you feel loved and cared for. Just being together makes you peaceful .A call can make you feel on top of the world. Even a text message from him can brighten your day. When you are with the right person, you feel like doing more not only for the person you love but also for yourself. Every gesture of love will ignite a beautiful sensation in each cell of your mind body and soul. You feel fresh, new and healed…. Aarti Khurana