I AM NOT ASKING FOR MUCH….. I only want my LOVE to listen to me when I want to say something without interrupting me…. I want him to remember the important days… I want him to pamper me when I feel low and sad…I want him to cook for me once in a while….. I don’t want him to give me only material things… flowers will do… I don’t want to go on fancy dates or dinners… cuddling with him can do more then that….. I want him to be mine from head to toe… heart to soul….. I want him to be attached to me as I am attached to him….. deeply and madly in love… where there are no boundaries…. where love flows in our blood and makes us move…. I WANT MY MAN TO UNDERSTAND ME AND I WANT OUR LOVE IN IT’S PUREST FORM…….Neena Gupta


Sometimes Things In Life Never Change.


Sometimes things in life never change,


Sometimes things in life never change, almost like they’re stuck… they will play out the same over and over again… but when things are meant to be, they need to change, so destiny will find its way… and even in my childish ways I pray for guidance, Dear Lord…please help lead me on my way… my way on to where I need to be… and help me change what I need to change…. so my future can be what it needs to be… Amen….. ~Karen Kostyla

No Woman Deserves Pain And Agony…

No Woman Deserves Pain And Agony…


Women are meant to be admired, cherished, treasured and loved. A woman falls in love with a man to give him everything she has with all her vulnerability, honesty and sincerity. She doesn’t deserve to be dumped or abandoned without even an explanation. She doesn’t deserve comparisons and jealousy. She doesn’t deserve pain and agony just because she fell in love. So every man who gets into a relationship for physical pleasure and sexual satisfaction is a coward because No WOMAN deserves…Tears ,Shattered hopes ,Broken promises, Heartbreaks ,Physical abuse, Emotional cheating, Disrespect and Disloyalty. If a man can’t treasure the love of a woman and stay sincere to her for an entire lifetime he actually doesn’t deserve the love of a woman…Aarti Khurana

When We Are Deeply Attached To Someone..

When we are deeply attached to someone


When we are deeply attached to someone, we start thinking about them all the time… there’s nothing more important to us then to be with them or to dream about them all the time… we wait for their messages and their calls as soon as they leave us… we always think of ways to make them happy… we want them to be with us in every way… physically, mentally and spiritually…….Neena Gupta