Once In A Lifetime Kind Of Woman.

Once In A Lifetime Kind Of Woman


If she calls you and texts you whenever she misses you, pampers you like a baby, spoils you and pours all her love on you. If she makes efforts to leave no stone unturned to make you feel loved and cherished to the core. If she sprinkles all her affection on you to make you feel like the most loved man on this planet. If you are always on her mind every minute and every second of the day and she plans and reschedules her day so that you can fit in perfectly and she can spend time with you. If she goes beyond her comfort zone to make you feel comfortable… She is a keeper. And when you have a woman in your life, who cares for your heart more than she cares about her own and loves you with all the strength in her heart and all the courage in her soul…DON’T MAKE HER REGRET IT!!! Never lie to a woman who dotes on you. Don’t cheat her and leave her shattered. Don’t keep her in the dark about your feelings so that you can play with her feelings. Instead love her and cherish her love to the core because you will not come across someone like her every other day. .. Aarti Khurana 

Who Is Your Soul Mate?

Who is your Soul mate


SOUL MATES….. Who is your Soul mate? Is it the person you are married to that you have been with for so long… or the person you just met?? Is it some friend of yours or is it somebody you haven’t met yet?? A soul mate could be the one who knows you as well as he knows his own shadow… the one who completes you perfectly, and not in any physical way but mentally and soulfully. It is the one who understands your silence, they may not necessarily live with you, or talk to you daily…. it’s a soul association where he understands everything about you, even from a distance. He will feel your pain and pleasure through your breath, you don’t even have to tell him everything… He is the one who fits perfectly with in your heart…. He is your other half…. your souls counterpart…you are simply you when with him…..you are at ease…!! Neena Gupta

When I Am With You.

when I am with you


You are the one that I’ve been dreaming of… the one I’ve been searching for all the days of my life… you are my love… the sunshine in my day and my soft place to fall… when I am with you I am home…. ~Karen Kostyla

In Every Part Of Life.

in every part of life


It is so true that you don’t know what you have til it’s gone… it rings true in every part of life… a lost love… death of a parent… your health… even loss of a job or loss of your furry 4-legged baby… these all hurt but the only thing worse is when you lose them all in a short time… each one takes a toll on you and changes who are… you are not the same person anymore… each event chips away at your soul… each loss recreates who you will become… I pray to God to work on me…. please soften my heart and take away my pain and help me to find that care free little girl I once was… ~Karen Kostyla

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