Life Is Full Of Lessons..


Life is full of lessons


Life is full of lessons, some are fun to share, some leave you broken and alone, but yet others keep you just strong enough so you can help others along the way… I know I have so much to learn and so far yet to go… BUT I’m not going to give up… I believe there is better on the way for me… and trust that amazing things come to those who wait… ~Karen Kostyla

This Cold Cruel World..

This cold cruel world


This cold cruel world keeps tearing me down with empty promises and nothing is as I thought it would be….. Dear God, I need You now… You are the only one that can fill me up when I am feeling so cold and all alone…. Please comfort me and fill me with your peace…. Amen ~Karen Kostyla

It’s Time To Move On…

It's Time To Move On...
I am done with the emotional torture of a heartbreak. I have cried enough and I know what it feels like to remember the face of the man who shattered me no matter how much I loved him. I never ever want to feel that pain again…not even in my wildest dreams. I want to live a new life …a life without tears, a life without the pain and the agony of heartbreak…A life without deceit, cheating and lies. I want to create a place of my own where there is no pseudo love, no physical or emotional cheating and no unfaithfulness. I have suffered enough and have gone through my share of sad and lonely days. I will now fight my demons and overcome my fears of falling in love. I have finally decided to forgive the man who hurt me, broke my heart and wounded my soul. I will move out of my cocoon of sadness and darkness to grow my new wings to fly because no matter what I have not lost faith in true love. I will never stop believing in the power of love and I am sure that I will find new love to heal my soul. There must be someone waiting for me with open arms ..AMEN… Aarti Khurana

I Am Not Going Anywhere..

I am not going anywhere..


I am not going anywhere…I am not here for some time…. No matter what you do or what you say I will always stay …. I am with you because I want to spend my life with you…. I want to see every sunrise and sunset for as long as I can… I want to take care of your every need, your every necessity… I want to share our dreams and work to live them together…. I want to cherish every moment of my life with you… loving you and doing things for you… you are my reason to live…..Neena Gupta