When I get tired of justifying myself to this world… fighting battles all around me… all I want is you… I want you to hold me in your arms and let me breathe in your protection and make me believe… I AM STILL ALIVE… and YOU are the reason.!! Neena Gupta

I Want To be Happy Again…

I want to be happy again...


I want to be happy again… I once was full of love and innocents… But that was before… before the loss, and hurt and betrayal… before my heart was broken so many times. I lost that sweet and innocent girl BUT it’s time to find her and grow that love and passion once again… ~Karen Kostyla

Marriage Is An Eternal Promise….

Marriage Is An Eternal Promise....


Marriage is a sacred union arranged in heaven by Gods own hands. Don’t treat it like just a legal contract. Marriage is not just a ceremony where you exchange rings. It is a ceremony for life where you exchange your heart and soul with your partner. Marriage is a patchwork quilt of love sewn together by threads of passion, dedication, honesty and trust. It is all about endless compassion, emotional strength and dedication. It is all about learning how to stay together under pressures and survive together on those not so happy days. Marriage teaches you how to keep holding on to each other through the hardest times in your life and stand together firmly through all the ups and downs of life and loving each other with all you have. Marriage is a promise forever… Aarti Khurana

I Always Hoped For Things To Change..




I always hoped for things to change, but they never changed !!! I never thought that you would treat me this way, you broke my trust, you broke my heart and you broke me as well… every time you hurt me, I thought it would be the last time, but I just couldn’t break away from you… I have been stuck for so long but know that one day I will be gone…,,!! Neena Gupta