Secret To A Lasting Relationship..

secret to a lasting relationship...


We have found the secret to a lasting relationship… We simply really want to be together and we can’t imagine facing another day when we’re apart… We are connected in a special way that only you and me can understand …my love, my life, my everything. ~Rahul Singh



Seeing Everything From A Positive Way..

seeing everything from a positive way.


Once we start seeing everything from a positive way, our outlook towards everything changes. We should always try to find positivity into everything and every situation even though at the moment if the situation seems hard or rough. Often how we perceive things changes outcome of situations. Please remove any negative words or thoughts from your mind and try your best to never go back to those thoughts… release those thoughts, forgive them and send love to those situation and people and move on with a positive note and always keep God in your heart. No matter what you go though in your life, have faith in the power of love because love is the only reason we are all here. Love is not to hoard… love is to give and share. The more you share love, the more you find love within you. 
God bless you all ~Abira Mukherjee

Some Days I Do Feel So All Alone.

Some days I do feel so all alone..


It’s so hard being such a strong soul all the time… Some days I do feel so all alone… God, please send someone to me… Someone to share life with me, someone to love me and someone to stand by me… Oh Lord how I long for someone to join me on my journey… ~Karen Kostyla

What Things Mean..

what things mean..


Sometimes it’s not enough to know what things mean, sometimes you have to know what things don’t mean. ~Bob Dylan