When You Move Out Of A Relationship..

When you move out


When you move out of a relationship your heart and mind is filled up so many memories that it makes it difficult to breathe. It is agonizing when you have to let go a person whom you have loved with all your heart and soul. You place a person inside your heart with the only intention of keeping them there forever and don’t want to set them free. But they break the walls of your heart and force themselves out, ripping you apart, leaving you wounded. It is true that Heartbreak leaves your soul wounded for life. But you have to turn your heartbreak into a blessing and move on because you cannot grieve all your life. In the end you will realize it is so worth it… Aarti Khurana

Empowering Myself Is The Hardest..

Empowering myself ..


Empowering myself is the hardest journey of all… I need to work my way one step at a time to healing myself… As I grow, I feel great for a while but then, the old feelings of doubt and negativity will sneak back to haunt me… I know need to keep going and in time, I will be strong enough to overcome all the self doubt and become who God made has me to be. ~Karen Kostyla

Life Has Its Own Unique Way..

Life has its own unique way..


Life has its own unique way of teaching lessons. So no matter how many times I get emotionally worked up I will never end up depressed. No matter how many times I am shattered by people around me I will pick up the pieces and begin again. No matter how many times my heart is broken I will never ever stop believing in the power of love. Because I believe that through all the twists and turns of life it is also full of surprises just waiting to happen and soon I will see the miracles happen in my life too. So I just stay strong and keep going… Aarti Khurana

Life Is Just And Experiment..

Life is just and experiment ..


 Life is just and experiment that we live every day. We try different methods until we get to that perfect outcome that we desire in our life to achieve. It’s up to us what kind of experiments we want to try in our life. The more challenging the experiment, the more effort needed. That’s why, if we chose a life path that’s hard to achieve then we have to go through a lot of hard lessons in life. But, at the end we get an outcome that is beautiful and we gain a lot of wisdom from that experiment or lesson. So, don’t be afraid to try your experiments because at the end of it, you will end up with a beautiful outcome. Always love your life ~Abira Mukherjee