The Person You Want To Be With..

The person you want to be with..


You neither love the person you want to be with, nor the person you cannot live without; you truly and deeply fall in love with the person with whom you cannot be with and at the same time you cannot be without.

Lord Please Comfort Me..

Lord please comfort me..


Lord please comfort me while my heart and soul is hurting… 
I Pray You help me through this difficult time and make me whole again…

He Is Everything I Want..

He Is Everything I Want..


He is my prince charming and my most adorable darling. Although he remains serious most of the time and doesn’t laugh much he has a great sense of humor. He makes me yell at him but his one passionate look makes me go weak in my knees. He drives me crazy but I calm down when he makes me see that he is madly and crazily in love with me. Sometimes I feel he is out of his mind but mostly whatever he says makes sense to me. Sometimes he gets irritated with my childish behavior but then when he pampers me he makes me feel like the most sensible woman on earth. We have our bad days but he is that one person in my life whom I can never give up on because he is everything I want. Maybe we are not the most perfect couple but we love each other perfectly … Aarti Khurana

You Are Perfect..

You are perfect..


You are perfect the way you are. Everything is how we perceive. Our vision of perfection might differ from another person’s vision of perfection but, that doesn’t make our vision any less valuable than theirs. Always value yourself and your own visions and ideas. A lot of ideas that we get are a lot of times guided information from the spirit world and our angels, so we need to honor them and not worry about what others might think about it. We should never try to change our visions or goals to match others way of thinking. You need to believe in yourself and once you do that you will be surprised how much you can actually achieve and accomplish in life. Sometimes you have to take some risks in life in order to experience the magic of unknown. Love and light to all ~ Abira Mukherjee