I Know Everything Must End..

I know everything must end..


I know everything must end, but I never ever wanted to live without you… I know we don’t have much longer together but I will love you until the end of time… You will always be in my heart and our souls are connected forever… I Love YOU and I pray God will calm our souls and help us through this time of transition. ~Karen Kostyla

I Will Never Give Up On You..

I Will Never Give Up On You..


I was shattered and depressed and just living an ordinary life. I was betrayed by people who I considered to be my best friends. I have been lonely for most of my life. Then you came along and charmed me and stole my heart. You helped me overcome my fears and you made me a smiling survivor. All these years with you have been simply happening and amazing. Thanks to your love, understanding and support that you changed my approach towards life. I have become mature and I have grown as a person. You walked into my life and changed my world forever. I have never met a man more wonderful and loving who made life so extraordinary. I promise I will never give up on you. I am so very madly, deeply, crazily and irrevocably in love with you for your sheer awesomeness and charming personality….Aarti Khurana

Wouldn’t Life Be Perfect..

Wouldn't life be perfect.


Wouldn’t life be perfect… if sweatpants were sexy, Monday’s were fun, Junk food was good for you, homework didn’t exist, Girls weren’t drama queens, guys weren’t losers, and saying goodbye only meant until tomorrow. Unknown

Ones That Betrayed You..

Ones that betrayed you.


It’s hard to trust someone, especially when the ones you trusted the most, were the ones that betrayed you.