Be Content And Happy..



God never gives you what you want…but gives you what you need…and need and wants are totally opposite…….we are not ever satisfied by what we get because that is not what we want……we want something else and much more what God gave us….how pathetic we human beings are….!!!!Try to be happy with what God gives you…Be content and happy…. Neena Gupta.

I Love You..

I love you..


“I love you” means that I accept you for the person you are and that I don`t wish to change you into someone else. it means that I care enough to fight for what we have and that I love you enough not to let you go….”

When You Cry..

When you slap him....


How do you know if he really loves you? It’s when you scream, and he calms you. When you slap him, and he kisses you. When you cry, and he hugs you. When you tell him you hate him, and he tells you he loves you..

Soul mates Just Happen..

Soul mates Just Happen


There is no mathematical formula to calculate a soul mate relationship. Soul mates just happen. It is a kind of divine realization where you start seeing your partner as your soul mate. There comes a point in our life when we start realizing that the person with whom we have shared our heart and soul is actually our soul mate. You start accepting the fact that your partner is the only person on earth who can give you a peace of mind and compliments you in every way. When you finally realize that you are incomplete without your partner and really can’t live without each other you have found your soul mate. Soul mates are mentally, spiritually and telepathically connected because they are tied in a unique and exclusive lifelong bond. .. Aarti Khurana