We Still Need A Little Help..



God made us to be so much stronger than we could ever imagine, but we still need a little help… Help from God, help from friends and help from loved ones. When we allow others to help us we share our sorrow and it makes the load a little bit lighter and a little bit easier to bear… ~Karen Kostyla

We Should Not Blame Anyone..

We Should Not Blame Anyone..


We should not blame anyone for that goes wrong in our life because it’s our life and we choose and allow things in our life. So, if something is making us unhappy that means we are allowing the wrong things into our life. Please make the right choices and be happy because peace and happiness is so precious in life. Please do what makes you happy and don’t worry about how people or society will react to that. As long as you are doing everything with integrity, love and compassion..you have nothing to worry. 
Love you all ♥ Abira Mukherjee




LOVE CARE AND RESPECT… first two you give and last you earn!

when You Are Jealous..

when you are jealous..


Find someone who’ll never get tired of kissing you everyday, who’ll hug you when you are jealous, who’ll understandingly ­stay silent when you are mad, who’ll squeeze your hand when you are not in the mood, who’ll plan and imagine the future with you in it. Don’t settle for less than that.