I Wonder Why I Still Manage To Hold On..

I wonder why I still manage to hold on..


I wonder why I still manage to hold on… with all the time I have spent feeling hurt and alone, I must be crazy to still believe… but no matter how much I push you away and try to do things my own way, Dear GOD, your love still shines through… Thank You for never giving up on me…. Karen Kostyla


There Are People In Your Life

there are people in your life


Sometimes there are people in your life that you just can’t get along with and sometimes there are so many reasons why you just can’t get along…. sometimes they are just mean and hurtful… sometimes they feel hurt and alone and that’s how they lash out… and sometimes they didn’t do anything wrong at all, it’s just who they are… any way you look at it, ultimately it’s your choice how you respond…. give up, give in, move on….. Only you know what is best for YOU… do you take yourself out of the situation, allow the “stuff” to continue, OR do you decide it’s worth the fight and find a new way to get along… Karen Kostyla


Holding You Till The End..

holding you till the end..


Loving you means holding you till the end…. loving you means making my life beautiful… loving you means seeing my dreams in your eyes… loving you means making you happy, very happy…… loving you means forgiving your mistakes… loving you means being me when I am with you…Neena Gupta


I Am Tired Of Being The Only One Who Cares…

I Am Tired Of Being The Only One Who Cares...


I am tired of being the one who cares..now I want someone who cares for me. I am tired of being the one who fights for a relationship ….now I someone who fights for me. I am tired of waiting and waiting for phone calls and message…..now I want someone to crave for my time and attention. I want someone who dreams about me and thinks about me day and night. I want someone who makes me feel loved, desired, craved for and really really special. I want someone who makes me feel like his life is incomplete without me .I don’t need someone to write love poems for me or sing love songs for me. I don’t want someone to sweep me off my feet with his looks and his charm but YES I want someone to whom I can bare my soul without fear. I want someone with whom I can be open and vulnerable without a single inhibition. I just want someone who can put his arms around me, hug me tightly and take my pain away. I just want a shoulder where I can keep my head and forget all my worries. I want someone to fight the world for me and make me feel like the queen of his heart. I want someone who loves me madly and crazily and shows me that he does…Aarti Khurana