When I Needed You..

when I needed you.


Where where you when I needed you… I was so hurt and alone and I needed you more than you could ever imagine… I didn’t think I could go on without your help… I needed your love and I needed your attention….You should have taken better care then… and I begged for you to help me but you didn’t have the time…. I begged for you to love me and you thought I should be fine… You were not loving me enough… I needed more… I needed support and encouragement… but it never came and after so long on my own I learned I was more powerful than I ever thought and I learned I could do it all on my own….I still missed you but I was strong on my own and I can do whatever I need to do…. Karen Kostyla

Feel Love Through Your Soul..

when u feel love in ur sole
Don’t say I LOVE YOU if you are not ready. Don’t say that you love me because I want to hear it from you. Don’t say you love me to charm me or sweep me off my feet. Say it to me when the feeling is uncontrollable and these three little words are choking up your throat no matter how many times you try to swallow them back. Say it when every beat of your heart shouts out my name. Say it when you cannot stop the fluttering of butterflies in your stomach. Say it when you get goose bumps because of my presence. Say it when I am the only one on your mind whole day and night. Say it when your soul stirs up inside your body every time you think about me. Say it when you see me in everything you do and every place you go to. Say it then because that is when I will hear it like an everlasting echo through the darkest corridors of my soul…Aarti Khurana




DREAMS….. we grow up wishing them in a hopes they will turn into reality… but not every dream turns out to be real…. life is not easy and beautiful as it may seem… it has ups and downs… When we are young our eyes are full of dreams and wonderful fantasies… all we would do is dream about our future… dream about our love that we hope to meet someday… but then we grow up and we face reality, we actually come to know what real life is and what love is all about… we also learn about the joy of love and the pain of love too… our parents always try keep us safe from reality… they don’t want us to face these problems or difficulties… they want to give us a safe and beautiful future and let us live in our dream world…. WHERE EVERY KID MAY LIVE A HAPPY LIFE AND GET WHAT THEY ALWAYS DREAM ABOUT….Neena Gupta

I Love How God Places Us..

I love how God places us


I love how God places us where we need to be… He is our protector and He always provides JUST enough at just the right time… He uses us as we are now and doesn’t want us to wait until we think we are ready… He uses us as we are, because in Gods eyes, we are amazing… amazing flaws and all… and it is when we stop thinking of our own troubles that we can help others… and we can make an impact on their lives… ~Karen Kostyla