Only Love Can Heal My Soul..

Only Love Can Heal My Soul..
I don’t want to fall in love just because I want someone to fulfill my physical or sexual needs. I don’t want to fall in love just to make my life more happening, entertaining or exciting. I don’t even want to fall in love for a relationship status or to flaunt that I have a boyfriend. If I ever fall in love with a guy it would be because I would know that he would be by my side on those terrible dreadful days of my life when even my close friends and family would not support me. I would fall in love for the simple reason that like every other woman I want to be loved to the core for my soul and for what I am. I would fall in love just because I need emotional and soulful bonding with that one other soul who is destined to be my soul mate. I would fall in love because I would want someone to hold me no matter how broken or shattered I am and help me fight my demons, overcome my fears and heal my soul before I rest in peace forever.. Aarti Khurana


An Unseen Pain..

Sometimes an unseen pain


Sometimes an unseen pain engulfs our body and makes it hard to move.. this pain is the pain of our heart… the pain of our soul….. It’s not about a single thing… its so many things happening all at the same time. We may try to stay strong but there comes a time when we feel our-self unable to bear that pain and we break down… when we can’t control our tears and want someone who can hold us tight, protect us, and keep us safe… The one who will never let us fall……. NO MATTER WHAT ! ! Neena Gupta

I Hate Mind Games..

I hate mind games..


Oh how I hate mind games…. the aggression, the silent treatment, or the “poor me” people of the world… if you have something to say then please say it…. if you did something wrong, then accept the blame… don’t turn it around to anyone else… Karen Kostyla

Every Woman Is The Queen Of Her Life….

Every Woman Is The Queen Of Her Life....
Respect every single woman you meet, every single woman you come across and every single woman you have in your life .Even if they are victims and survivors of abuse. Even if they live in little attics or old age homes. Even if they wear rags, torn or old worn out clothes. Even if they are poor, penniless, jobless and miserable. Even if they are not smart or pretty to look at. Even if they are single, divorced widowed or separated. Even if they are paralyzed, handicapped or bedridden for life. All of them…every single one of them..Don’t judge them by their social status or their relationship status because they are all fighting their own physical and emotional battles. EVERY WOMAN IS THE QUEEN OF HER LIFE… Aarti Khurana