Fall In Love Only When You Feel It.

Fall In Love Only When You Feel It


Do not fall in love to share your bodies…But Fall in love to share your souls…Don’t fall in love to fulfill your physical desires…But Fall in love to fulfill each other’s dreams….Don’t fall in love to have a relationship status .. But Fall in love to have a lifelong relationship ….. Don’t fall in love because people all around you are dating…BUT Fall in love when you feel it in the deepest pit of your heart and all the way into your soul..Aarti Khurana


A Man Is Not A Man If..

A man is not a man if


A man is not a man if he can’t keep his word, if he is not loyal to his beloved , and if he can’t respect the feelings of the ones who love him…Neena Gupta

The Man Of My Dreams..

The Man Of My Dreams


I am the kind of girl who can wait for an entire lifetime for her true love because I strongly believe that somewhere out there is the man of my dreams who is just waiting for me. The man who will understand me completely without saying a single word and will fall in love with every bit of me. The man who will love me immensely despite all my flaws and imperfections. Someone who will charm me and sweep me off my feet with one look and make me feel like the most special person in his life. The man who will love my soul more than my body and understand my mind. I am determined to find the man who is destined to be my best friend and my soul mate till the end of time… Aarti Khurana

Your Self Respect And Identity..



We spend our whole life keeping and saving relationships… we do everything to try to keep others happy, we compromise our-self and we forgive their faults just because we love them so much and we cant imagine our life without them… But in keeping these relationships we forget about ourselves… our own happiness and we lose our own respect… Stand up for yourself.DON’T GIVE ANY ONE THAT MUCH CONTROL THAT YOU LOSE THE REAL MEANING OF LIFE AND REAL HAPPINESS… TRULY LOVING SOMEONE NEVER MAKES YOU LOSE YOUR SELF RESPECT AND IDENTITY, IT MAKES YOU STRONGER….Neena Gupta