That Moment.

the moment


I still remember the day when I first met you… the moment when our eyes meet and the world stops… and our love is still the same after so many years… we still want to love and we still miss each other as it was back then… even after a fight, we make up and become more and more in love… we still have those long talks and never get bored… we still want to stare at each other for hours… I still get week in my knees when I see you coming toward me… our hearts are so strongly bonded that nothing can ever break us apart… our perfection lies in our being together… in our love for each other… I pray to GOD… we should stay together for years and would cherish our love till eternity.  Neena Gupta

A Woman.

A woman
A woman wants her partner to be her best friend and her lover all in one… she wants her partner to be the one to take her by the hand and walk beside her on her journey in this life… she knows she can do it all alone but she also knows everything is so much better when shared with the one that speaks to her mind, melts her heart, calms her soul and ignites the passion inside of her… she knows working together they can accomplish anything… and together they can achieve their dreams… together they can have it all… ~Karen Kostyla

Beautiful Heart.

Beautiful Heart
You will come across thousands of women who will have that perfect model like figure, those perfect jaw dropping gorgeous looks and those perfect appealing womanly ways that make men go crazy for a woman. You might meet women who are rich, intelligent, successful and popular. But I am none of those. I don’t fit that mould. I am just a simple, ordinary and a down to earth kind of a woman. I don’t have a huge bank balance, I don’t live in a mansion and I don’t even have a car to drive you around. I am also not some extraordinarily ravishing, fascinating or some out of the world kind of a beautiful woman. But I have a loving heart and I will love you with that I have inside my heart. I value relationships, I have my own ethics and values, I believe in the strength of my character and I believe in the power of love. I can make your life beautiful with my undying soulful love. Always remember the perfect woman is not the one who is beautiful in her looks but the one who has a beautiful heart. So fall for a woman who puts a smile on your face each day. Fall for the one who cares about your heart more than she cares about her own. Never give up on the woman who vows to stay with you and love you till the end of time forever. Love a woman who adds beauty to your life with her love… Aarti Khurana

True Love.

True love


True love is loving him and hating him at the same time…. you can get furious for not talking with him for so long… and for not cherishing him for days on end… it leaves the disappointment of missing him greatly BUT the moment you see him, you need to rush to his arms and and embrace him tightly….. you can gaze at him without expressing a word….. and yet your annoyances dissolve through your eyes as you feel the glow of his love… the loneliness of being far from him makes you so frail that you are lost for words….. But it’s always true because the best affection is never said or told but just felt through your heart and soul…….Neena Gupta

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