Believe It Will Be Soon.

believe it will be soon
While growing up and going out to make a place for our self in this big world, we usually forget about people around us… but once we succeed in achieving what we want, we then realize how lonely we really are… how badly we need someone to be with us and to share our success wit too….. every person has a child inside that wants to be loved and taken care of at times. and sometimes we need someone to take care of that kid too. No matter how much money we have or how many friends we have, we do feel alone and lonely at times and we all want someone to hold us, to hug us, and to tell us that everything will be alright… we need that person to love us and make us smile and understand our silence too… If we don’t have this person now, believe it will be soon…. Neena Gupta

Never Let Them Go.

never let them go


God works in some crazy ways…. there will always be times that no matter how amazing you are, there will be people that just don’t like you… they don’t think you are good enough or they are just jealous of you….. but yet there will also be others you meet in life that no matter what a mess you can be they will always see you as perfect just the way you are…. love them and never let them go…. ~Karen Kostyla

My Heart Beats For You.

I never demand anything from you except  for your time and attention. I don’t want flowers, expensive gifts or public display of affection. I don’t expect you to go out of your way to do anything for me because I love you unconditionally. But sometimes no matter how many times I say that I don’t expect anything in return from you, I need to feel loved back. I need to feel that you cherish my presence in your life just the way I do. I know that you love me but you need to make me feel that love by spending time with me and making me feel like the most special person in your life. I love you more than you can ever imagine and you are my first thought every morning when I open my eyes and my last thought every night before I close my eyes. I cannot imagine a day when I wake up and you no longer belong to me. I love you with every single beat in my heart and every single breath I take…. Aarti Khurana

I Adore You..

I adore you
I love you….you bring back that child in me which was lost a long time back…you make me what I never thought I could be… give me feelings I never thought existed…..those butterflies in my stomach when I see you and that pain from being away from you…..I never thought I could ever feel like this….but when you came and everything just changed….your love changed me into a new person whom I never met before…I never thought someone could be so important to me….I can close my eyes to everything as I only want to see you…I adore you….YOU HAVE BECOME MORE IMPORTANT TO ME THAN THE AIR I BREATHE….. Neena Gupta