If He Keeps On Hurting You..

if he keeps on hurting you..


He doesn’t love you if he keeps on hurting you… he doesn’t love you if he keeps secrets from you… he doesn’t love you if he keeps you waiting and waiting… he doesn’t love you if he compares you with other girls… he doesn’t love you if he forgets all the important dates… he doesn’t love you if he never gives you his time and attention… NOW , When he doesn’t love you..when he is not giving you what you want from him…why are you waiting for it to happen.? SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE…SO……CHANGE YOURSELF AND LEAVE HIM…DON’T WAIT FOR IMPOSSIBLE TO HAPPEN… Neena Gupta

Just Listen To Your Heart..

Just Listen To Your Heart
When you fall in love …Just listen to your heart. You don’t need to read books or manuals about love. You don’t need to discuss love or find definitions of love. The greatest of lovers never took lessons about how to fall in love because they were guided by their heart. You don’t even need someone extraordinary or special to fall in love with because when you fall in love that person becomes extraordinarily special for the rest of your life. He will become a special part of your life and you will give him a special place in your heart. You will start caring for him and you will want to spend more and more time together. You will not need anyone to guide you on the path of love because you will be guided by your heart and your own consciousness. Love just happens and it just catches you unawares so just embrace it with open arms and feel it with all your senses. .. Aarti Khurana


Every Person You Meet..

Every person you meet


Every person you meet starts as a stranger… and sometimes the ones you feel very close to, are the first ones to leave you alone…. At times you won’t be able to decide which way to go and which hand to hold….. you will feel like a lost person who has no where to go… AT THAT MOMENT..just close your eyes… take some deep breaths and leave yourself in the hands of GOD and He will send you the one who will be yours forever… the one who will hold you and will never let you fall…. then one who will always stay with you as your shadow…. the one your heart was always craving to be with from ages…. the one for you… Neena Gupta

Dear Lord, please Wrap..

Dear Lord, please wrap


I know someone, very dear to me, that is hurting today and it breaks my heart  to see this pain… Dear Lord, please wrap Your arms around her and her family at this sad time and comfort them in Your sweet soothing way…. And Lord, if there is some way I can help, then please show me the way… Amen