Never Give Up On Your Dreams..

Never Give Up On Your Dreams
We all dream of finding that special person in our lives with whom we can feel whole and complete. And dreams do come true….Once in your lifetime you will meet that one special person who will sweep you off your feet and make you fall in love forever. You will be enchanted, bewitched and mesmerized…. and from that moment your life will change forever. This person will be your perfect fit, your once in a lifetime lover and your soul mate. Your life will have a new meaning, a new purpose and you will realize that why you never felt like this with anyone else before. You will forget all the mess in your life, all your pain and all the heartbreaks from the past. Your heart and soul will heal forever and you will feel complete. So never stop believing in your dreams… Aarti Khurana

Every Woman Tends To Think Alike..

Every woman tends to think alike..


Every woman tends to think alike… no matter whatever she is or what she does in our heart we are all a mother, a wife, daughter, a sister, a friend, a lover…. we all have the same dreams and the same feelings… some of us get what we want and what we dream about… and for others these same dreams may never turn into reality…. Some of us express it aloud and some of us keep our feelings hidden deep inside… but one thing is always for sure…. we are all alike inside our soul….. we all have the same dream a lover to hold us tight and and we all want to live happy ever after…!! Neena Gupta

I Believe God Made Me Special..

I believe God made me special.


Some days I just don’t feel good enough, I feel that I can’t make a difference…. BUT I try to keep remembering that God does great things with us all, we each have a gift that we can use to help others… I believe God made me special…. God loves me as I am… and with His help I can do great things even in small ways…. ~Karen Kostyla

A Woman Can Forgive A Million Times..

A Woman Can Forgive A Million Times..
When a woman loves a man from the depths of her heart and her soul she will forgive him a million times because she just can’t love another man for the rest of her life…Aarti Khurana