Once In A Lifetime..

Once in a lifetime


Once in a lifetime …just like a dream come true…you will come across someone so special that you can’t help falling in love with. You will be so mesmerized and bewitched that you will lose all sense of right and wrong or good and bad. You will be so madly and crazily in love that you will only feel engulfed with the magic of love. Sometimes you will feel butterflies in your stomach and sometimes you will feel a sudden chill in your spine. You will get goosebumps all over your body every time you meet him and the only things you would want to do is to spend time together and cuddle endlessly. You would long for passionate kisses and tight hugs. You will have stars in your eyes and you will start weaving dreams of love. Your heart will sing a special love song that will keep you in a love trance. Love will touch your heart and soul in the most beautiful way and you will never be the same again. You just have to believe that LOVE LIKE THIS HAPPENS…Aarti Khurana

If You Want Me To Respect You..

If you want me to respect you,


If you want me to respect you, then I need you to respect me and my values in return… if you want me to be happy with you, then I need you to shed your false ego and understand me… if you want me to be like I was before… I’m sorry, I can’t…. your poisonous words and egoistic thinking has broken my trust and has hurt me deeply… I don’t think I can ever be the same again… every time I want to be like before, your words start echoing in my head and I can’t love you the way I did before… our relationship has lost it’s charm… what we had is now gone… I will tolerate you but I will not die for you……Neena Gupta

Once Upon A Time ..

Once upon a time


Once upon a time you were all I ever dreamed of… you were the one I wanted until the end of time… my prince to come and save me and love me and protect me too… But now I’m not a little girl anymore… I now have learned that not you, nor anyone else can come and save me… I need to do that for me… I need to trust myself, love myself and save myself… Know that I still want and need your love and support, but I can not expect you to be the one to save me, it wouldn’t fair to you… I would rather love you, because I love you…. and have you love me the same… ~Karen Kostyla

I Can’t Fake My Love..

I Can't Fake My Love


I can never love a man halfheartedly. I am not made up of that stuff at all where I can fake my feelings or emotions. It shows up on my face if I even fake a smile. I can’t even imagine being in a pseudo love relationship. It would be nightmare for me if I have to ever fake my love for someone. I think every woman wants depth, passion and intensity in her relationship. A woman can wait all her life for true love which she can feel all the way through her heart and soul. I can compromise on everything in my life but I can never compromise on love. If I ever fall in love I want to love wholeheartedly and give it all I have….Mind, Body Heart and Soul… Aarti Khurana