When A Woman Cries..

When A Woman Cries..


A Woman cries not because she is weak but because of a built up of a prolonged anger.It is an emotional burst that she’s been holding in for too long and she needs to vent it out. So when a woman cries don’t treat her as a weak and a fragile person because this is the moment when she just wants to be with someone who can hug her and make her feel loved to the core ..Aarti Khurana


Do Not Waste Another Day..

Do Not waste another day..


 I know your heart has been broken but don’t let the pain destroy you. You have so much life to live, Wake Up and start living again… Do Not waste another day… ~Karen Kostyla

You Are My Dream Come True..

You Are My Dream Come True


Sometimes it takes many heartbreaks to find yourself in the arms of the one who truly deserves you…Now that I have found you ….You are my dream come true..You are the one my heart desired..I will never give up on you..You are my soul mate..Aarti Khurana


A Best Friend Always Helps..

A best friend always helps


Everything in life works out a little bit better when you are moving in the same direction with the one you love… Just having your best friend and lover cheering you on will help you through anything… ~Karen Kostyla