Love Can Never Be Selfless..

Love can never be selfless


Love can never be selfless or without expectations… there is always something of interest when we love… sometimes it’s insecurity…. sometimes we are tired of being alone… sometimes we only want to feel important… a wife wants the security from her husband… a man wants someone who can take care of him when he comes back home…. kids want the latest things that all their friends have… every person is selfish one way or another…. so then how can we ever love selflessly??…neena Gupta


I Am Neither An Angel Nor A Devil..

I Am Neither An Angel Nor A Devil
If you fall in love with me then I want you to know that I am not an ideal, perfect, flawless or a quintessential woman. I have many shortcomings, flaws, imperfections and weaknesses. I have random mood swings. I have many fears and insecurities. I have a troubled past and many unfulfilled dreams. I have illogical ideas and thoughts about the way things work in this world. Sometimes I am unpredictable and I behave erratically but I am not a difficult person to handle. When I am sad I don’t want you to have the perfect words to make me feel better…You can make me feel better with a hug. When I am worried I just want your shoulder where I can keep my head and forget all my worries. When I tell you about my fears I want you to listen patiently to what I say. I want you to feel everything I say with your heart and soul. I am neither an angel nor a devil … I am just a simple girl who has been misunderstood by all .I am just like a little girl lost in the confusion of this big and chaotic world trying to find someone to love and be loved back in return. … Aarti Khurana

I Never Doubted Your Love For Me..

I never doubted your love for me..


I never doubted your love for me… in fact you are the best thing I have in my life…. but it’s my insecurities that make me crazy… that’s why I get angry when you work late, forget to call or talk to other girls… I know, no one can ever love me the way you do and maybe that’s the main thing I never want to lose. You know me better then I know my self… you make me see the real me and you show me what I need from this life…. so please, don’t think I am doubting you… I just want to be assured, that there is still someone who can give his life for me… and make me feel wanted once again when I feel like I have lost everything in life…Neena Gupta

I Believe Love And Respect..

I believe Love and Respect


I believe Love and Respect go together hand and hand… and you tell me you love me but I don’t think you mean it… you don’t act like respect me anymore… you don’t value me… you don’t value my opinions… there even was a day when you honored me as your queen, but those days are gone… you would send me messages to show your love but now you never have the time… we have broken apart and we have lost that fire… and now I’m just someone that you used to know… You might say you still love me but without respect, we will never have what it takes to hold on until the end of time… and I don’t know if we can build on what we have lost…. ~Karen Kostyla