The Magic Of A Hug…

The Magic Of A Hug...


When you love someone from the deepest pit of your heart and soul then even your biggest conflicts, your worst misunderstandings or your silliest fights can be solved without saying a single word but with JUST ONE SOULFUL HUG…Aarti Khurana..



KIDS... we bring them into this world


KIDS… we bring them into this world… we raise them… we give them everything we can to make them see their dreams and help them to fulfill them too… we give them wings to fly… we make them self sufficient so they can take care of themselves without our help… we try to give them every thing possible, the best we can… then they grow up and they leave us to find their own ways in this big world… they get busy in their lives but they never forget us… they get married and still they remain a part of our hearts… we love to see them reach their goals and have their dreams fulfilled… AND WE ALWAYS WANT TO SEE THEM ON THE TOP OF THE WORLD WITH ALL THIS HAPPINESS….. Neena Gupta


As I Live My Life ..

As I live my life


As I live my life I try to accept others as they are and I want them to accept me too…. but I keep finding little things that make me crazy… I know these silly annoyances don’t really mean a thing but yet they still put a wedge between me and another… Dear Lord, I pray for acceptance and for us to respect one another in this mixed up world we live in… Please help us to not judge each other and understand that we are all facing our own little battles every day… Amen ~Karen Kostyla


Do You Really Love Me???

Do You Really Love Me


I never insisted on making promises and commitments .I never asked for expensive gifts.I never wanted dinner or movie dates. I never even expected flowers from you. But all I ever wanted was your time and attention. All I ever wanted to feel was that you cared for my heart as your own.If it is so difficult to give me these then how can I believe you when you say that you love me. How can I believe that you will ever understand my pain???…Aarti Khurana