I wonder how much more you would enjoy life if you didn’t push away all the opportunities that come your way. ~ Karen Kostyla

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Sometimes I Feel..



I think, you know how much I love you, I shouldn’t have to prove it….. but sometimes I feel as if you want me to show you more often…. we may not live together, but that doesn’t mean that I stop loving you or that my love for you will change with time….. distance increases my love and the urge to be together, even if it’s only for a short time… I always keep looking for those moments that I can be with you….. I will always try to find time for you no matter how busy I may get with my work and I will always try to steal some time only to be with you… Never forget, no matter how busy I get, you are always on my mind and in my heart……Neena Gupta

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My Adorable Darling..

My Adorable Darling...
I was an ordinary simple man with a dream of finding a woman who would love me and make my life beautiful. Then one day the magic unfolded and I met her. I met the love of my life. Since the day she walked into my life she made it extraordinary special. Sometimes I feel like she is an undercover angel who takes care of me and loves me unconditionally. My heart knows that she was custom designed for me by Gods own hands. She charmed me with her simplicity and stole my heart with her down to earth attitude about life. She connects with me mentally, spiritually and soulfully. She knows how to cheer me up, put up my erratic behavior and deal with my mood swings. Today I feel like the luckiest man in the world because I have found my dream woman. I am so madly, deeply and crazily in love with her. I want to grow old with her and spend the rest of my life with her. She is my adorable darling and I am so proud of her. She is a special woman and she is my life… Siddharth Khurana


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Don’t Play Games With Her Heart.

Don't Play Games With Her Heart


Women don’t need financial or social security from men but they need someone who would never cheat them and betray their trust. Every woman wants a man who can promise her a life free from physical, mental and emotional abuse. A woman can love a man in a million ways if he can give her physical and emotional security and a promise that he will not play with her feelings and break her heart to leave her shattered forever. Cherish the love of a woman and never try to play games with her heart and mind because at the end of the day women have better chances of winning the games started by men… Aarti Khurana

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