Promise Me You Will Stay..


Promise Me You Will Stay..


You came in my life when I had lost faith in love. I was completely shattered and broken. When I was sad you made me smile. When I was lonely you made me feel loved. When I wanted to cry you kept my head on your shoulder. When I was tired you made me sleep in your lap. When I was shattered and scattered you held me together with your hugs. When I was scared you held my hand. You made me overcome my fears and helped me shed my inhibitions. You loved me, pampered me and made me feel so special. In all those special moments I spent with you I found my soul mate in you. I saw love in your eyes and beauty in your soul.Now just promise me you will stay because I won’t be able to live a single day without you. I am so used to waking up in your arms. I love you so much more each day… Aarti Khurana


When A girl Loves You..

When a girl loves you


When a girl loves you …she gives herself completely to you… all her dreams and desires… she attaches her soul with yours… her world becomes you….. BUT Don’t let her regret her decision… she only wants a little honesty, love and attention from you… show her that by choosing you and trusting her feelings, she hasn’t done anything wrong…. don’t make her hate all other men….keep her trust and guard her heart and love her more then she loves you…. TRUST IS A VERY BIG THING AND WHEN TRUST IS BROKEN IT LEAVES THE PERSON BROKEN AND SHATTERED…. IT TURNS THEM INTO SOMEONE WHO CAN NEVER BELIEVE ANY ONE AGAIN… NOT EVEN THEMSELF….Neena Gupta

Show You Care Everywhere

Show you care everywhere


Show you care everywhere around the world… because, No matter how old or how young… No matter how rich or how poor…. It always feels so good to know you are important to someone… and it just feels so good to share some LOVE… ~Karen Kostyla

Don’t Fall In Love With Just Vital Statistics.


Don't Fall In Love With Just Vital Statistics


Here’s to all the guys who think that the beauty of a woman is in her looks or the figure she carries. Don’t get carried away by the curves on a woman’s body. Love has nothing to do with looks, age, body weight or the color of the skin. Love is about a feeling of being connected. It’s about being connected together through hearts, souls and minds. So don’t fall in love with the vital statistics of a woman’s body….Fall in love with the beauty of her heart and soul because looks can fade with time but nothing can change a beautiful heart and a beautiful soul…. Aarti Khurana