Back to Life Again…

Back to Life Again...


A Woman wants a man to love her like she is the only one in the whole world… and if you let her, she will love you in return til the end of time… and that is what you’ve done to me… since that first moment we met, you melted my soul and brought my heart back to life again… you are my dream come true… ~Karen Kostyla

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You Will Miss Me.

You Will Miss Me...
One day you are going to miss my boring texts, my random calls, my silly questions. You will miss my fights, my mood swings, my arguments . You will miss my hugs, my kisses and my cuddles.You are going to miss my jealousy, my possessiveness and my insecurities.You will miss my chasing you, my annoying you and my irritating you. You will miss my laughter, my tears, my confessions and my innocent talks. But most of all you will miss me for the way I loved you and cared for you… Aarti Khurana

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Some People.

Some people are


Some people are so just jealous of you… they never miss a chance to put you down or insult you… they think that is building them up but they forget, no matter how much they point out your flaws or how much they look for trouble, they secretly try to be like you……. they can never YOU….. and every word they said and everything they did will come back to haunt them….Neena Gupta

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One Step.

One step


One step at a time, leads you to where you need to be… to a NEW day… to a New place… to a New You… and no matter how small these steps are, no matter how far out of the way they may lead you, no matter how lost you may feel, know that it all will make you into a stronger you… Dear God help us to embrace the changes that are gonna happen and let it transform us into who You made us to be… ~Karen Kostyla

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