I Get Distracted So Easy.

I get distracted so easy.


Dear God, I am sorry that I get distracted so easy… You show me the way but then I lose focus and get lost along the way… Thank You for Your patience and kindness and never ending love for me… Amen ~Karen Kostyla


Soul Mates Share A Perfect Chemistry.

Soul Mates Share A Perfect Chemistry


I wish God could gift wrap our soul mates and deliver them to us. I wish they came with a name tag and we could find them easily. But when you find your soul mate you will connect like magnets. Inseparable and strong. You won’t even need to talk because your eyes, your hearts and your souls will talk to each other. Soul mates share a perfect chemistry and they connect mentally, spiritually, telepathically and soulfully… Aarti Khurana


Sometimes The Things That You Think.

Sometimes the things that you think


Sometimes the things that you think are blocking your view just add to the beauty… take a step back and see the whole picture. ~Karen Kostyla


Never Chase Someone For Love.

Never Chase Someone For Love


I am the kind of girl who would never chase anyone to love her .I am the kind of girl who just can’t force anyone to make her feel special..I would rather save my heart for someone who deserves my love and thinks I am worth his love care and attention… Aarti Khurana