It’s such a sad day when you realize that you have grown apart… the cute little things that didn’t bother you so much before, now make you lose you mind… you both no longer have any time to listen anymore… it’s now only about being heard, and proving your point and showing you are “right”… guess you need to decide ~ do you want to be what you think is “right” or do you want to work on your relationship? You both once loved each other so much you couldn’t dream of being apart, so maybe there is still something to work on…. the choice is yours… Karen Kostyla




Competition, it can be a good thing… it’s meant to make you a better version of you… but sometimes you can get so caught up in the end results that you miss out on the beauty of what you have already accomplished… sometimes you see what someone else is doing and you can’t see how far you have come… when this happens it can destroy rather than build up…. be who you are meant to be and don’t worry about someone else… get your blood flowing BUT compete with the old you and see how far you can go… Karen Kostyla

There Are Some People..

There are some people


There are some people you just can’t have in your life the way that you want them… you can think about them all you want and dream about them all day too but you just can’t have them…. they’re not meant for you…. you get to meet them and to see the other side of life… and you can dream of them only and never have them in your arms……Neena Gupta

I Am Done..

I Am Done
I am done with crying. I am done with trying. I am not tired of loving you but I am tired of trying to make you love me back.I am tired of these long chases which lead me to nowhere. I am tired of waiting for a rainbow to shine through us. I will never stop loving you but yes I will stop running after you in circles. I will stop waiting for you to come back to me. I will stop waiting for your calls and your text messages. I will try to live without you but I will never stop loving you because a woman cannot love another man in her life if she has loved someone from the depths of her heart and soul. And one day when I am gone forever from this world and I lie in my grave I don’t want you to come with flowers and shed tears for me because you could have loved me and made me smile when I was with you. You could have given me flowers and wiped my tears when I used to wait for you endlessly. ..Aarti Khurana