I Vow To Love Every Bit Of You..

I Vow To Love Every Bit Of You
I can’t promise you a forever. I can’t even assure you of a happy ending. I don’t even know whether I will wake up tomorrow to be with you .But I vow to love you today, now, in this moment with all the tenderness in my heart and all the warmth in my soul. I have given you every bit of my heart and soul and I never want it back because I assure you that I will always find a way back to you no matter what life has in store for us .I love you with every single nerve, every single bone and every single cell in my body and there is no way that I can breathe a single moment without you by my side. I love you that much . .. Aarti Khurana

Don’t Wait For Things To Happen.


Don't Wait For Things To Happen


Don’t wait for things to happen…. leave your past behind and start thinking about the future….. repent for the past mistakes you have made and then move on…. say yes to new experiences and be ready to welcome them too… Enjoy what you have, enjoy the things and the people in your life… because it was made for only you… Love it… and enjoy it…….Neena Gupta

I End Up Getting Hurt..

I end up getting hurt


I fear I one day I will become cold and bitter… each and every time I put my faith in another soul, I end up getting hurt and part of me is broken off and lost…. and now it’s so hard for me to trust any more… Dear God, please help me to keep my faith strong in You, I need You to build me up and make me confident to stand on my own… I trust You Lord, and I love You and I do believe good things are on the way… Amen ~Karen Kostyla


Learn To Live For Your Happiness..

Learn To Live For Your Happiness
Don’t allow people to use you for their selfish motives and then dump you like a piece of trash. Don’t let people manipulate you for their happiness. At the end of the day you just can’t please all the people all the time. There comes a time in life when you have to think for yourself. I have always been an emotional fool trying to make everyone happy at the cost of my own happiness. I have wiped tears from the eyes of my friends when my own eyes were flooded with tears. I have hugged my loved ones when my own heart was shattered and I need love more than anyone else. I have been patient with everyone when I was going through a storm inside. But I realized that when I needed love and support I was lonely and there was no one for me. That was the day I put my foot down and decided to live for myself and my own happiness… Aarti Khurana