Once You Have Him..

once you have him.


Don’t try to change your man once you have him… these changes you bring may make him completely different than the person you once loved… give him enough space to be him… fight with him, as these fights rekindle the spark… try to spend as much time as you can and at times do try to walk in his shoes so that you both may understand each others life and priorities as well.~~~Neena Gupta


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My Heart Skips A Beat..

my heart skips a beat,


Something happened when you entered my life and now when I think of you, I am transformed to a different time and place… All because of you… a smile comes to my face, my heart skips a beat, and my spirit is alive once again… ~Karen Kostyla


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Never Hide Your Real Feelings…

Never Hide Your Real Feelings...
Are you hiding your real feelings from me??? There are times when you show too much care and concern and make me feel on top of the world with your love and then there are times when I feel that you don’t even care about my existence. There are times when you make me feel that you can’t live a single day without me and that your life revolves around me but then there are days when you don’t even bother to call me or sent me a text message and I feel like a complete stranger in your life. At times you make me feel like I am the most perfect woman in the world and then there are times when I feel that you were actually never looking out for someone like me. I am so confused now because it’s getting more and more complicated each day. You have to express your true feelings to me because I am unable to understand what you truly want from our relationship. I want some clarity because I love you with all the purity of my heart and soul and I just want to be loved back to the core. Maybe I care too much or maybe I feel too much but I love you more than you will ever know… Aarti Khurana


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If You Love Her Then..



If you love her then show her… text her to let her know that she is on your mind no matter how busy you are…. call her to make her sure she knows that you are missing her….. send her flowers to show her how important she is to you…. never let her feel ignored…. tell her I LOVE YOU, as often as you can… sometimes it’s all she needs is to hear from you, when you are away….. remember you are the only one that she wants to hear from and the only one who can relax her mind and body and calm her soul….Neena Gupta

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