Love me with every breath you take.

Love me with every breath you take
I don’t want the “weekend” kind of love or the “when I am free I will love you” kind of love. I want to be loved every minute, every second and every moment of my life till I am alive and even when I am dead and gone. Love me when you are awake, love when you are dreaming, love me when you are eating, love me when you are working, love me when you are walking down the street or what ever you do throughout the day. Love me in every season and for every reason that you are alive. Love me beyond your logical reasoning and your practical thinking. Love me no matter what , when , how and why…I want that kind of love…I want to be loved with all the madness, all the craziness, all the passion and conviction or not at all. Love me with every single breath you take, with every single beat that passes through your heart, with every drop of blood and every single bone in your body down to the deepest marrow. Love me like I am your universe or don’t love me at all…. Aarti Khurana

Dear Lord please be beside..

Dear Lord please be beside

Sometimes I just feel so tired and worn out on my own, I just need that little bit of help to pull me to a higher ground…. Dear Lord please be beside me to hold me up and make me stronger… stronger to stand up for myself… stronger to stand on my own… stronger to be who I was made to be… Karen Kostyla

A real man never makes his woman fight.

A real man never makes his woman fight

A real man never makes his woman fight for her place in his life… he gives her more than she deserves… he never lets her down… he respects her love and her feelings… he helps her in everything she does… he loves her soulfully and truly… he is compatible to her in every way and he never questions her… for him, his woman is always right and so very lovable… no matter if she is made up perfect or if she is messy… for him, she is the queen of his heart and his home and she is always just right…. AS HIS LIFE IS MEANINGLESS AND INCOMPLETE WITHOUT HER IN HIS LIFE…..Neena Gupta

When you meet the ONE..

 love every one
When you meet the “ONE” you will know… you will feel it in your heart and soul… everything will just feel right… Life will be a little brighter, a little happier, a little bit better… you will want to live your life to make sure their dreams come true and making their dreams come true will also make your dreams come true too… making them happy will make your heart beat a little faster... helping them to achieve their goals make you feel like you are walking on air… you will be encouraged by the passion in their eyes and together you can live the life you had only dreamed of living before… apart you are two lost souls wandering this journey but together you are heaven made… a perfect match… an unstoppable team… a new family… ~Karen Kostyla