Where are you my Love?

Where are you my Love
Where is the one meant for me? It feels like I have been waiting forever for that breath of fresh air, those arms to hold and comfort me, that one I’ve dreamed of, to build me up and support me… my partner in life, to make me laugh, to show me the way and to be with until the end of time…. Where are you my Love? ~Karen Kostyla

The Sexiest Woman..

The Sexiest Woman..


The sexiest woman is not the one with a curvaceous figure or a voluptuous personality. A woman is not sexy because she can do a beautiful catwalk on the ramp. A woman is sexy because she stands tall despite the mess in her life. The sexiest woman is the one who has a broken heart, a wounded soul and a sad past but still carries herself with grace and dignity. The sexiness of a woman lies in the smile on her face despite the fact that she is fighting a battle deep inside her heart and soul. Find the sexiness of a woman in her polished and illuminated soul .. not in the shining skin on her body… Aarti Khurana


Make Me Feel Important…

Make me feel Important...


Make me feel Important… give me that place in your life which I deserve…. when you are busy and have no time for me, I still want you every day…Neena Gupta

Go Where You Are Valued.

Go Where You Are Valued
Some things are just not worth your energy… go where you are valued, go where you are loved and leave all the others behind. ~Karen Kostyla