Forever And Ever..

forever and ever.


I’m not sure how much I love you but I do want to see you the time… I want to keep you happy however I can… I don’t want you to ever give up on anything because I want to see you as a winner always, someone who never gives up… I want to be your strength that can make the impossible, possible… I want to hold you in my arms and never let you go… I want to give you everything you ever dreamed of… I want to take you to a world of happiness and dreams… a place where love means it is you and me together, hand in hand… forever and ever……Neena Gupta

Love Can Happen Anytime.

Love can happen anytime


Love can happen anytime anywhere…. I have heard about it, but never really believed it… that was till I met you…. the moment I saw you, something happened. I felt something in my heart, feelings I have never had before… when I speak to you, I want the time to stand still, your sexy voice makes me go crazy… nothing else matters when you are with me… when you look into my eyes, you take me to another world… a world of fairy tales and angels, a world I always fantasized about….. you mesmerize me with one look…. and NOW…..I can’t think of my life without you….. there’s not a single moment when you are not with me in my heart or in my soul…. I AM NOT ME ANYMORE, I HAVE BECOME US…. I LOVE YOU THAT MUCH……Neena Gupta

There Was A Time..

There was a time


There was a time when I loved you more than I loved myself… but now I wonder whatever happened that person that I fell in love with… it feels like a lifetime since we’ve been happy together… and now it hurts that you find fault in every little thing I do… I just can not do anything right in your eyes…. it tears me up inside and it has begun to make me so angry… You’re just pushing me away and I don’t know if there is anything left to even try and fix any more… ~Karen Kostyla

When A Woman Is Loved and Cherished..

When A Woman Is Loved and Cherished...


No matter how strong a woman is she has this one special man in her life from who she gets her strength when she is weak. When she is with the man she loves she becomes like a small child that needs to be pampered. She craves for his time and attention. She craves for his undying love and affection. She just wants to feel special and loved because deep inside the heart of every woman is an emotional void waiting to be filled with love. A woman becomes like a beautiful butterfly when she is nurtured with the love of a man who has her heart. No woman needs a dramatic display of affection from her man, she just needs to be cherished, adored and cared for… Aarti Khurana