Just like springtime is a fresh new beginning after the long cold winter, God also gives us second chances… a fresh start for another try to become a new you..Trust and have faith, and let Him fill you with His love and make you new again… Karen Kostyla

Journey Of Life.

journey of life


During the journey of life.. we get to meet so many people…some were there for brief time and a few get hooked up to your soul…some come to teach you the lessons of life and some come to you to complete you in some ways…..every meeting is pre destined …pre organized by god himself …some people set out of obscurity and captured your heart and become so important that you just cannot imagine your life without them….and once you wont get to be one with those you’re created to unite…god provides you another chance….coz two people when really love each other, has got to meet, has to be one…if not today, then somewhere tomorrow…somehow breaking all the barriers of life and death….destiny brings them close by creating its own arrangements… but those who has got to meet… has to be together… gets to meet.Neena Gupta

A Woman’s Heart.

A Woman's Heart


Sometimes I wonder that do women have hearts made of metal because it takes a very strong heart to forgive and let go. But then I also wonder that do women love so deeply because a heart that loves deeply can sometimes forgive the greatest of mistakes. A woman forgives a man for his biggest mistakes because somewhere deep in her heart she loves him from the depths of her soul and doesn’t want to lose him. Always remember the greatest strength behind the courage to forgive someone comes from love. Real love, intense, strong and soulful love…Aarti Khurana

Fix Problems.

fix problems


Communication is the key ingredient of each relationship… if you cannot speak or discuss things, then they’re going to get bottled up and after some time, they will explode…. you need to fix problems now because regardless of how much you try later, you will not be able to solve the problems…. Neena Gupta

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