No Matter How much They Love you.

no matter how much they love you.
Sometimes…no matter how much they love you….. some people just don’t want to see you change and become better… they like you to stay as you are… BUT you are meant to keep on growing and spread your wings…

I Want Is To See You Happy…




Do you even realize how painful it is for me to see you in so much pain when the only thing I want is to see you happy….. Sometimes I feel so helpless…. I want to help you… don’t make things so complicated when they are not..If you love me and truly trust me, then please share your secrets with me… but if you can not then just stop saying you love me and trust me… because true love has no place for secrets and lies….!! Neena Gupta

Love Takes You On A Roller Coaster Ride.




You are in love when you feel like you are on a roller coaster ride every time you meet him and your heart wobbles when he looks into your eyes. You are in love when you feel anxious, excited, thrilled, curious and impatient all at the same time. You are in love when a missed call from him gives you goose bumps. You get butterflies in your stomach when he sends you a text message. His voice makes your heart sink to your belly. When you feel that his presence makes you feel ecstatic. When you just want to cuddle together, laugh together and tell each other random jokes and funny little stories. You are in love when you think about someone from morning till night, every single minute and every single second of the day and you want to spend the rest of your life just loving him. WOW!!!Love is that exciting!!!! …Aarti Khurana

You Never Cease To Amaze Me.

You never cease to amaze me
Thank You Lord…. You never cease to amaze me…. as I look back on my life and honestly look at the times that have brought me to my knees… I am so truly thankful to be in a better place that I was back then. At the time I felt so hurt and lost but Lord, I trust and believe that You always lead me to better place and to a better me…. but this amazing change can only comes to be when I let go of me… and allow You to lead the way. ~Karen Kostyla