I Miss Who I Used To Be..

I miss who I used to be,


I can’t believe that I ever allowed you to hurt me the way that you did… what was I thinking? it was just a short time with you and it has changed the way I now see the world… I want my life back, I want my heart back, I want my innocence back… I miss who I used to be, my heart was full of hope and I found beauty everywhere I looked but that was a life time ago… that was long before I met you… Karen Kostyla

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It’s Strange When You Say..

its strange
It’s strange when you say that I have changed… I am different from what you knew… but I don’t know what it is that is different in me now… I have just given up on my expectations and my dreams of you and I have now started living for myself and my own dreams now…. I understand now that I can’t change you, even when I have given up my everything for you… I can’t make you mine completely, and I have given up my desire of having you as the best and the most loving man… I don’t want to give up my whole life waiting for you when it seems impossible… I loved you from my soul and expected ONLY LOVE in return and if you can’t do that then you don’t deserve my love anymore… I am happy alone and have now decided to destiny pave my path… If you want to be mine, if it’s destined for us, WE will become one….. BUT I don’t want to try anymore for this relationship when it’s only me working for it…….Neena Gupta


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You Are My Dream Come True.

You Are My Dream Come True
You have a magical effect on my mind body and soul. I am completely enchanted by your love. I get a chill in my spine when you walk towards me. I get goose bumps every time you look into my eyes. My heart beats faster every time you hold my hand. My pulse starts racing every time you whisper into my ear. My soul goes in a trance every time you kiss me. My knees feel knotted when you say that you love me. My love grows stronger every time you touch my soul. My life is beautiful because of you. I want to lose myself in the beauty of your soul…In your arms I found my home. You are my dream come true…Aarti Khurana

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I Am A Woman Of Substance.

I Am A Woman Of Substance
I am woman of substance. Don’t judge me by my looks, my clothes or the way I wear my hair .My beauty is not limited to my looks or the way I walk. Define me by the tough emotional battles I fight each day. Define me by the way I keep smiling no matter how emotionally worked up I am. My life is not glorious and I don’t have medals or trophies to flaunt but my biggest trophy is my heart full of love and compassion. I am sensitive and overemotional at times but I am not weak. I know when, where and how to react to the situations in my life. I have been cheated and betrayed in love but I am still not afraid to fall in love again because I have confidence in my abilities to love with all that I have. I have endured the pain of heartbreak and moved on because I am emotionally strong and I have made my decision to stay happy for myself. I have been broken, shattered and rebuilt and I am a woman of endurance, confidence and courage. I have the capacity to endure pain and survive despite all the odds in my life because I am strong through and through. I’m unique in my own special ways even with my flaws and imperfections. I am proud of what I am… Aarti Khurana

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