A Relationship Is A Joint Effort..

A Relationship Is A Joint Effort..
I can’t work any longer to save this relationship when you don’t care at all… it’s me only working on our problems… but not anymore… you don’t ever think of working on us… you keep me taking us for granted… I am done trying to keep this relationship going smooth… darling please know I love you and don’t wish to lose you, but I also love myself and don’t want to lose my self-respect… I know our love remains there, but it’s buried below egos and attitude… and a relationship has to be a joint effort. If you are willing to put equal effort to save this, then I am there… if you come one step ahead, I promise I will take two steps toward you… but only if you promise to try and save it… and promise to put your heart and efforts into saving this relationship and our love… and I promise to be there for us too..Neena Gupta¬†

When There Is Something.

When there is something


When there is something I need to be doing, it’s amazing how I keep getting signs over and over again… God has a way of putting a thought before me until I have to say OKAY, okay, You got my attention… and even when I try to get out of whatever “it” is, God still has ways of breaking down those barriers too…Dear Lord, You always find new ways to amaze me… I trust You with all my heart and soul… and I submit to YOU… and I will step out of my comfort zone to follow YOU my Lord…. Amen ~ Karen Kostyla

The Right Love..

the right love
I would rather wait for the right love to come along, than to be in to the wrong relationship just to pass the time…. I really am pretty wonderful all by myself, it has taken me such a long time to figure that out… and I have so much I want to do in my life life that I don’t want to waste another day with the wrong person… I don’t want to be in the wrong relationship when the right one comes along… so for now I will wait… because I want that special love that was made to last a lifetime and beyond… I want that one that makes time stand still… the one that is my perfect companion, my lover and friend… the one I want to share my every dream with and every fantasy…. and if I need to wait, then wait I must…. because I would rather wait alone then be hurt by the wrong one… ~Karen Kostyla


When I am Gone Forever..

When I am Gone Forever...
Maybe you will miss me when I am gone. My presence was useless to you but maybe my absence will make you feel the kind of love I felt for you. You will miss me when I am gone forever. You will miss all those fights I put up with you just to make our relationship stronger. You will miss all the tantrums I used to throw to get your attention. You will miss all those random silly love poems I used to write for you. You will miss all those arguments which you thought were silly but they just meant that I loved you and I could not share you with anyone else. You will miss my jealousy, my mood swings, my childish behavior, my possessiveness, my insecurities and my random boring conversations. You will miss me for the way I doted on you and cared for you. But most of all you will miss the undying love I had for you and the fact that there was a time when I could trade both the worlds to get your love… Aarti Khurana