True Love Heals A Broken Heart..

True Love Heals A Broken Heart


Don’t give the power to anyone to shatter your dreams. You are not meant to be broken each day. You are not born to be disrespected and condemned. You don’t deserve to cry to bed every night. If your man continues to consciously and purposely break your heart again and again then its time to move on from that relationship. Wake up before it’s too late. Make a promise to your soul that you won’t settle for anything less than committed love. Make a promise to your heart that you will not let anything come between you and your dreams. Move on and God will send the right person to you at the right time and when you finally meet your soul mate you will forget all the pain you went through. True love will heal your broken heart and your wounded soul… Just believe… Aarti Khurana 

If We Are Going To Move Together..

If we are going to move forward together
If we are going to move forward together, then we need to break the terrible cycle we are in… we argue all the time… we both show why we are “right” but we never hear the view of the other… It makes me so sad, when you don’t take the time to listen to me… you tell me you love me but you do not hear what I am saying… I get so angry that I then refuse to hear you… Karen Kostyla

Sorry For Hurting You So Much..

sorry for hurting you so much.


I am sorry….. sorry for hurting you so much… sorry for doing things that I shouldn’t have done…. but whatever is done, can not be taken back…… I’m sorry just because I was so angry and my feelings were hurt….. I love you so much and by no means I can stay mad at you or away from you… I just want you to be happy…. with me or without me… Neena Gupta

Never Let A Woman Sleep With Tears …

Never Let A Woman Sleep With Tears ...


Every woman wants a man who would treat her heart as his own and never let her go to bed with tears in her eyes… Aarti Khurana