I Love You..

When you hold my hands , your fingers will fit perfectly with mine…If you look into my eyes, you will see only your face…if you can read my lips, they are constantly praying for you and if you can see my soul, you will see an eternal tattoo that says your name…Aarti Khurana

True Love Doesn’t Need Any Proof.

True love doesn't need any proof or explanations

True love doesn’t need any proof or explanations, nor does it need any terms or conditions… you can feel it in the first moment that you meet… it oozes through every part of your soul… hearts become one… you can feel each others pain and see their dreams too… you share the same thoughts and desires and dreams…. you are always together in your thoughts….. love unites two souls in one unbreakable bond…. they travel to find their counter part… to love and be one… to be complete in every way……Neena Gupta

You Still Love Me…

You Still Love Me...

Sometimes we don’t even need to touch for me to know that you still love me…. just one look from across the room can let me know that you care…. your smile makes me happy and a tender little kiss on my forehead will always melt my heart… it doesn’t take much for you to take my breath away and to show me how much you adore me… you’re the one that knows how to make me feel like I’m the only one that matters in the whole world… I love how you love me…. ~Karen Kostyla

I Love You..

I love you
I love you more than I love anything in this whole world and I trust you more than I trust myself… how could I have any doubts on your intentions…???? Your love is my only treasure, my biggest asset. Please don’t ever take my silly tantrums as fights, they are my efforts to love you… I sometimes show false anger when in fact, I just miss you so much… I want to surrender myself to you, I want to spend my every moment with you… adoring you and loving you… I want to do things for you… but it’s this silly distance between us that make me mad and so I fight with you and argue over stupid things… I sometimes become jealous, and insecure, like an arrogant little kid who wants her most favorite thing now. But I really just want to be with you honey, each and every moment… every second of the day…. I want to take my every breath beside you…!!! Neena Gupta