Time Goes By So Fast..

Time goes by so fast.


Time goes by so fast…. friends we once needed in our lives 24-7, now get lost in the craziness of life… but that doesn’t mean we have forgotten them… they remain with us in our minds and in our heart, where we have kept our precious memories… its just that with time, every thing grows…. everything changes and so do we and our friends change too….but once in a while when we are alone… our memories take us back and let us relive those happy moments again…..Neena Gupta


Love Is A Silent Connection Between Hearts.

Love Is A Silent Connection Between Hearts
Love is sipping coffee together from the same cup. Love is laying the table when she is cooking. Love is making the bed when she is washing the dishes. Love is watching her favorite movies and listening to her favorite songs. Love is cooking for her when she is tired . Love is keeping her head in your lap when she has a headache and putting her to sleep. Love is not about how many times you say that you love her ..it is about how many times you show it because love is the silence between two hearts that connect to each other in every way..Aarti Khurana


Some Days Are Different..

Some days are different..


Some days are different… like they are new or as if some miracle is on its way…. there are butterflies in your stomach and your mind is lost… your heart is filled with some unseen happiness……..maybe its coz of someone new… someone special… someone dear… someone who has become the reason, your mood has changed….. someone whose good morning wish, makes your day special… someone whose smile brings joy to you and someone whose pain hurts you too… but this someone is the only one made for you…..Neena Gupta


It Breaks My Heart ..

It breaks my heart


It breaks my heart that I disappoint you the way that I do, but yet you keep loving me even when I don’t deserve your love… but that love is all the encouragement that I need to be able to keep holding my head high and to keep fighting to be a better me… You empower me to keep going and to keep finding my way when I am lost in this crazy world… Dear God, knowing I have YOU in my life keeps me strong…. ~Karen Kostyla