Sometimes You Get So Busy..

Sometimes You Get So Busy
Sometimes you get so busy with your day and you are working so hard for you and me…. but never forget, I still need your love and I need your attention too…. I need to be reminded that even when I am not perfect and when I am just a mess that I am the one you can’t live with out, and that I am the one you still want to be with until the end of time… Karen Kostyla

Love Is….

Love Is....


Love is when you keep coming back in each others arms despite the fights, despite the arguments, despite the mood swings and despite all the mess in your life…..just because you are mentally, soulfully and spiritually compatible..Aarti Khurana

Hurt And Pain..

Hurt And Pain


Everything you have ever been though, every single loss, hurt and pain, eats away at your soul…. It all can leave you bitter and weak and alone…. but God is not finished with you yet… He will restore you and give you courage to be all you can be… Karen Kostyla


Love Never Leaves Your Soul..




You are mistaken if you think you can forget everything and move on with just a goodbye. Love never leaves you because love has this peculiar habit of finding a safe place somewhere deep inside your heart and soul and it hides there for an entire lifetime. Love is immortal ….it never is never-ending… Aarti Khurana