When Woman Loves A Man.


When a woman loves a man


When a woman loves a man truly she never gives up on him… she never lets him go… she trusts him completely and she can do anything to make him happy… she feels his pain in her heart and she helps him fulfill all his dreams… she never gives him chance to complain… she is his best friend… she knows him the way she knows herself… she looks after him like a mother, argues like a sister and stands beside him like his best friend… and she plays every one of those roles very passionately and wholeheartedly. Neena Gupta

Someone Special..

Someone Special...
I want to be that person in your life whom you go to when you think you have lost your way home. I want my heart to be the one that heals your wounded heart. I want my arms to be the one holding you together when you are tired to lift yours. I want my soul to brighten your life when your soul is shattered to pieces and surrounded by darkness.I want my love to give you hope when you fear falling in love again because of your sad past…Aarti Khurana

Being Strong Means.



BEING STRONG means while keeping your pride, you keep your relationships happy and substantial… being strong means you never take dumb things to heart which actually hold no value for you… being strong means never harming anybody while securing your own heart… you never allow anyone to use you or take you wrong… you live your life with your ethics and morals and you take in good things from life while keeping away from all the awful things that could harm you… being strong means to never have to turn away from your own self and to never have to spend sleepless nights repenting over your past mistakes… being strong means never doing anything that your heart and your soul are against… and that is the real strength, it is when you live with your head held high in-spite of all the odds in your life.

Dear Men..

Dear Men...
Dear Men…You don’t deserve a woman’s heart if you can’t treat her heart like your own and save it from breaking into pieces. You don’t deserve a woman’s soul if you can’t honor it and touch it with your soulful love. You don’t deserve a woman’s body if you cant respect it and save it from physical abuse. You don’t deserve a woman’s time and attention if you can’t be with her when she needs you. You don’t deserve a woman’s love if you cannot reciprocate her love. Don’t expect her to stick to you all the time and keep running back in your arms when you are not making a single effort to make your relationship work…Period…Aarti Khurana

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