Lasting Relationships Are Transparent.

Lasting Relationships Are Transparent


You don’t need a instruction manual of dos and don’ts or a book of rules to help you strengthen your relationship. Lasting relationships are transparent and are built on a strong foundation of trust. So just be honest and take your relationship seriously…Aarti Khurana


Sometimes It Hurts So Much..

Sometimes it hurts so much


Sometimes it hurts so much when things don’t go the way you wanted… but sometimes accepting that is part of growing… and “not now” is just that, “not now” but maybe meant to be some day soon. ~Karen Kostyla


I Trust You..

I Trust You


I am the kind of girl who lives in her own lonely world because I have been cheated in the past. I am the kind of girl who is very reserved and keeps her secrets to herself. I don’t share my dreams with everyone. I keep my passions and my desires to myself because I don’t open up to people easily. But if I share my dreams with you then it means that you are really special to me.If I open my heart to you it means I trust you and I know you will never let me down… Aarti Khurana


I See You In My Dream..

I see you in my dream


I see you in my dreams and know you are there… but I still feel like I have lived my whole lifetime just waiting for you to be here with me… Where are you when I need you now? ~Karen Kostyla